What Can The Sir Hamilton Double Calendar Watch Do For The Workplace

In 1956, Rolex launched the Oyster Perpetual Day of the Week calendar watch, which was a landmark at that time. It was the first watch that could display the calendar and the day on the surface Written watch. Since then, it has been designed to be a practical service, gaining the favor of the first group of professionals. The most important point is that since its birth, it has been cast using only two precious metals, gold or platinum, that is, you are likely not wearing a watch, but an identity.

爵士 Sir Hamilton Double Calendar and Longines Compin

These two watches are the best expectations of Chinese consumers for workplace watches. What can they bring to consumers? Very low-key and simple urban design, creating an extraordinary taste for the wearer. In addition, their brand recognition is quite high, and they can play a role of ‘making topics’ in people-to-people communication. Nothing to talk about? Then talk about watches, who is upscale in the high-end atmosphere? Not willing to participate. In addition, they can accurately display the time, and also provide a calendar (or even the week) display, the whole small secretary.

Only one day calendar is not enough upgrade channel Mido Bruna men’s watch
Launch of the Bruner men’s watch, which has become a favorite in the workplace and has been selling for several years. The most wonderful thing is that it breaks the inherent week calendar display mode, and it opens a fan-shaped window at 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock, showing continuous 5-day calendar and 3-day week. In this way, busy workplace people can give up mental calculations when making work plans and properly arrange appointments and activities in recent days.

营造 Creating high-end workplace upgrade channels with precious metals Piaget Altiplano Date watch

High-end workplace people who despise watches as important workplace equipment prefer precious metals, and precious metals + elegant design are the classics in their hearts. So what they wear is probably not a watch, but a topic. This Piaget eccentrically designed date watch is equipped with a 1205P automatic movement with a thickness of only 3 millimeters and a case thickness of only 6.36 millimeters. It fits tightly to the curve of the wrist if it is empty. For male consumers with big nerves, TAG Heuer provides small games with clear interfaces. In addition to passing boring time, it is also a good way to relieve stress and change the mind.