Tribute To World War Ii Military Watch Hamilton Khaki Skywalker Watch

Today, the Hamilton Khaki UTC watch with the functions of two places and the abbreviations of major airports around the world, commemorating the predecessors with the function of stellar time display. The design takes the glory of the past naval timer and reaches the modern era.

行 Skywalker’s predecessors during World War II achieved outstanding achievements. Their reliable and accurate performance escorted the on-time safety of naval vessels. The sturdy 42 mm stainless steel case of the new watch, the Swiss-made time movement with excellent anti-magnetic performance, and the water-resistant performance up to 300m are the tribute to World War II military watches. The practical second time zone display also injects modern ideas into Skywalker. The second time zone window adjusted by the 2-point crown shows the three-letter airport code specified by the International Air Transport Association (IATA), such as Kennedy Well-known air transportation hubs such as the International Airport (JFK), Los Angeles Airport (LAX), and Honolulu and Pendelgada in the Azores. The perfect combination of the present and the past has laid a solid foundation for the brilliance of Hamilton Khaki Skywalker in the future watch industry.

The khaki Skywalker watch, which has a strong nostalgic atmosphere, also uses many high-tech processing techniques and uses imaginative modern materials. The dial is available in black and beige colors. The contrast between the black and white colors of the scale is clear and easy to read. The back cover is engraved with the Hamilton family coat of arms, retro and textured; Swiss-made, excellent antimagnetic performance and other words highlight the high-end quality of the watch. The heavy use of modern materials reflects the brand’s dynamic and innovative characteristics. The rubber-backed Oxford strap and other elements are specially designed. Hamilton Khaki Skywalker is gaining popularity worldwide with its precise performance and chic appearance.