Top Indian Model Lisa Haydon Joins Hands With Bucherer To Become The New Brand Ambassador

In January 2014, Lucerne. India’s top supermodel, actor and designer Lisa Haydon becomes the new ‘friend’ of Bucherer. Her charm is perfectly combined with the brand, showing mature, confident and fashionable aspects. Lisa Haydon was born in India. She has lived in Australia and the United States for 21 years. From a very young age, Lisa cherished her desire to be a model and actor. She returned to India to make her dream a reality, and now she has become India’s top model. Throughout her career she has been aggressive and recognized by many designers and fashion brands. She has appeared on the covers of many international brand shows and internationally renowned magazines.

   Lisa Haydon is clearly enjoying her modeling career. She has captured the covers of countless fashion magazines with her radiant charm, and is impressed by her charm, both in India and the world. Lisa Haydon is also an actor and she has won a role in a film adapted from Jane Esting’s novel ‘Emma’.
   Bucherer believes that Lisa Haydon will be a perfect spokesperson. She wears a Bucherer watch and exudes personality and elegance. Bucherer is an independent, confident, and not afraid to go its own way in order to create the watch of your dreams. For more brand news, stay tuned for Watch House. (House of watches / text Ruan Ruan)