Through These Hands, You Can See Everything About Me

Through these hands, you can see everything about me

With one hand, you can see everything in one person.
If your hands are lazy, you know everything in the play.
In order to perform well with my heart, I have learned to play chess, diving, and even boxing and kung fu.
Being an actor is an interesting thing,
I can experience a longer and richer life.
You ask, what drives me?
I would say that it is the ego deep inside.

I’m not a born actor. My story can be reached by hand and controlled by my heart.
   There are not many visits by Zhang Zhen circulating in the field, most of them are arranged when new works are released. The content is nothing more than a chat about the shooting process, how to figure out the characters, and chewing on old scandals that are out of stock. Because of this, all interviews always begin with ‘Learning Domineering’ and praise how Zhang Zhen learned some amazing new skills for a character. And Zhang Zhen, just a touch, with a smile, lifted his weight lightly and answered: ‘It’s just interest, and it’s good to have one more skill.’ His calmness and indisputability seem to be nowhere in this fireworks-filled performing arts circle. Settled so much that he debuted for more than two decades, he has nothing but works and characters to talk about.
   And this time, he was invited by Cartier to ‘play’ himself for the first time in the micro-film ‘Hand’ and performed an inner drama with no opponents with both hands, allowing us to have a glimpse into the inner world of this mysterious male god. .
‘The one who pushes me forward is always the one inside me’
   Zhang Zhen is undoubtedly lucky. He appeared for the first time at the age of 3, and played the ‘Murder Murder Case on Lingling Street’ before graduating from junior high school at the age of 14. His enlightenment teacher was Yang Dechang, a literary master, and was therefore nominated for the best actor for the Golden Horse Awards at a young age. I have cooperated with almost all the big-name directors in the Chinese language circle. I ran to Argentina to shoot Wang Jiawei’s ‘Spring Breakout’ at the age of 19, met Li An at the age of 21, and filmed the Oscar blockbuster ‘Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon’. Later, Zhang Zhen also starred in Hou Xiaoxian, Films by directors Zhuang Zhuangzhuang, Xu Ke, Wu Yusen, Liu Zhenwei, etc.
   In each role he played, he appropriately displayed the character’s own temperament, and these temperaments had amazing consistency, a uniqueness that was branded with Zhang Zhen. Zhang Zhen’s personality is cold outside and heat inside, and he is particularly good at using the subtle restraint on the surface to interpret the inner tension. A slight wrinkle between the eyebrows and a calm and resolute face can accurately convey the inner impulse and richness. And his eyes, slightly gloomy in the warmth, and the cold and cold light hidden in them, seemed to erupt at any time and go out at any time. So some people say that these eyes are the most lethal eyes after Zhang Guorong and Liang Chaowei. Coupled with that sculptural face, he has become a rare literary and artistic male god today.
   However, if it only talks about ‘luck’ or ‘talent’, it actually kills Zhang Zhen’s efforts and persistence for so many years. For ‘Red Cliff’, he read ‘Three Kingdoms’; for ‘Deep Sea Search’, he passed the PADI diving license; for ‘Wu Qingyuan’, his Go game has been able to suppress the professional third level; for ‘Generation Grand Master’, he took National Eighth Boxing First Prize … From beginning to end, Zhang Zhen has always been more willing to be a serious actor.
   In the years since his debut, what motivated him to stick to the actor’s difficult road? ‘The one who pushes me forward is always the one inside me.’ He is not a person with a single heart. Zhang Zhen is more willing to listen to and follow his inner voice than those outside. In his opinion, everyone has an innate power. This power will become stronger and stronger with the growth of experience and the accumulation of experience, and then they will continue to drive themselves to control themselves and life. direction.
‘Hands and hearts are connected. If you are lazy on your hands, you know everything in the play.’
   Having played so many other people, Zhang Zhen is very happy that he can finally be himself this time.
   Through one hand, you can see everything about a person. When I was young, I thought, ‘A good actor is not how to be himself, but how to be better.’: Acting as a rebellious teenager, they have taken the knife. At that time, it was not clear whether reality was a movie or not. Trembling in sorrow and anger; acting as historical figures, they will take up biographies of history books, turn pages by page, and read in; in order to act, these hands have learned a lot, but as the years progress, they gradually mature, Zhang He opened his hands and finally realized that ‘returning to the heart is more important than playing others’, because only by returning to himself and knowing how to steer the direction, the power of these hands has become more leisurely.
   In the beautiful picture, Zhang Zhenhuan talked about his story and transformation. The determination and peace of mind are indeed the aura that has only been experienced for a long time. Zhang Zhen said that he enjoyed the process from script to shooting, because rather than a micro-movie, it is more a portrayal of his current state. ‘Through my own hands, feel the power from the heart, look back at my growth process, and also explore the true me.’ He said, ‘As now in the film, I enjoy a life state that returns to myself. .I want to use my hands for many years to touch my own real life. ‘
   Why is this literary, tailor-made short film tailored for Zhang Zhen the theme of ‘hands’? The director said that because all the lines visible on the hands are made up of invisible stories and experiences. He hopes to use his hands to reach his heart to explore Zhang Zhen’s inner world. This micro-movie is not only a portrayal of Zhang Zhen’s journey, but also a statement: follow the inner strength and control his life. ‘Only by following the heart’s drive can we achieve the perfect fire in art.’ Zhang Zhen said, ‘Like the Drive de Cartier watch in my hand, always reminding me that only respect and follow my heart, can I control as I want. ‘.
‘Can you understand everything about me?’
   As the best interpretation of Cartier’s Drive Man, Zhang Zhen, who has accumulated many years in the entertainment industry, has experienced a seemingly free and unrestrained temperament. No matter whether it is ups or downs, he only follows his inner drive to achieve artistic excellence. Zhang Zhen deduces the spirit of ‘Follow your inner drive’ represented by Drive de Cartier.
   The Drive de Cartier series is Cartier’s watch dedicated to the elite men who love life-a subversive innovative design that interprets the perception of the art of life in the details, confident and elegant, respects the heart, and always pursues a better self And future.
   At the end of the short film, Zhang Zhen spread his hands and asked: Can you understand everything about me?
Can you understand this Drive Man?
Under the calm appearance, the delicate and free soul.
Born to be free and unrestrained, yet experienced thousands of times, familiar with the real art of life.
Walking in the legendary chapter of life with a style of keenness, independence and elegance.
For him, he knows how to enjoy beautiful things, and how to appreciate the fun and meaning of it.
A glance at Jinghong, where the eyes catch is the wide case and sharp lines shining on the cuffs.
Exudes unique charm.

Drive de Cartier watches are dedicated to elegant men in this spirit!