Swiss Amy Long Watch And Jd Open Cooperation Strategy Ceremony Held At Jd Headquarters

On the afternoon of July 19th, the strategic ceremony for the cooperation between Swiss Emmy Long and JD. The presence of Swiss Amyron watches in also means that there are more channels for brands to cooperate with e-commerce platforms. In addition to announcing the good news of cooperation with to the media and guests present at the event, Amy Long also released a brand new watch—Ms. Right Lady Amy Long.

The event is located in Jingdong Building, with the theme of ‘Jing’ carved, beautiful for ‘Ai’

Live violin performance

Live elegant ballet performance
 The elegant ballet performance and wonderful product display let the audience at the scene understand the history of the Emilion brand and feel the unique charm of the product.

Emilion’s new ice peak series real shot

Amy Long Jingya Women’s Watch

   In the new era, women have both the charm of self-confidence and self-confidence. And Amy Long also keenly grasped this feature, blending design ingenuity into every detail: retaining the corners but not aggressive. Mr.
The design of the square case of the Right Women’s Watch highlights the feminine side; and the soft and delicate curve of the lugs perfectly shows the feminine side. Gang and Rou, seemingly unable to combine, have been interpreted just right by Amy Long in this way.

Amy Long Jingya Women’s Watch

 Amy Long Jingdong’s new Mr. Right women’s watch debuted. With its ingenious interior design and excellent appearance, it attracted the praise of the audience and media friends.

The leaders of Amy Long and JD attended the event together

 In fact, the introduction of the Swiss watch brand in China’s e-commerce has become a popular trend. In the general environment, if you want to get more comprehensive development and expand sales channels, working with e-commerce has also become the choice of many luxury and high-end watches. And Emilion and have sincerely launched the Jingya series Mr.right ladies watch as the first release, so that more consumers can see the quality of Emilion and then understand the culture and meaning of Emilion Is a coup.