Su Youpeng Appeared In Chengdu Cartier Watch China Touring Exhibition

Cartier Cartier, the world’s top jewellery and watch brand, kicked off the first stop of the China Watch Tour on the first floor of Chengdu Wangfujing Department Store on August 20. Famous movie star Su Youpeng appeared to help, Cartier Cartier China Chief Executive Officer Jian Yawen, Business Director Yang Jiande, and Wang Yingjing Deputy General Manager Zhao Yingming also made their appearances to unveil the tour.
Tour site
Yang Jiande, Zhao Yingming, Su Youpeng, Jian Yawen and Cartier’s Cartier partner Qian Hong
Su Youpeng
Su Youpeng
Cartier Cartier on display
Cartier watch on display
   On the same day, the exhibition site on the first floor of Wangfujing Department Store in Chengdu was particularly dazzling. Su Youpeng wore a black and white dress and a blue balloon strap watch, one of Cartier’s classics, which added a lot to the scene. In addition to Su Youpeng, the watches displayed on the scene are also extremely bright. Not only are many classics such as Cartier’s CARTIER blue balloon series watches, Calibrede Cartier series, Delices series watches, but also brands Newly launched celestial constant center-of-gravity watch and upcoming limited edition of 150 dragon-decorated diamond watches. At present, the tour of Chengdu Station has ended. From September to January 2012, the China tour of Cartier’s CARTIER watch series will also land in Xi’an, Harbin, Ningbo, Nanjing, Wenzhou and other cities.