Strong And Powerful G-shock Evolution History Of Aviation Series

The birth of G-SHOCK stems from ‘creating a watch that never breaks.’ Since 1983, G-SHOCK has continued to innovate and pursue all possibilities on the basis of adhering to its unique shock-resistant structure. The spirit of continuous breakthrough is deeply rooted in G-SHOCK’s DNA. G-SHOCK launched the first-generation Gravity Defier aviation watch series in 2009, which is the best expression of G-SHOCK’s continuous challenge and pursuit of fresh excitement. The aviation watch series uses strong and rugged protection technology to meet the aerobatic use requirements. An aviation watch that can withstand extreme gravity and anti-centrifugal forces and meets the strict equipment standards of aircraft cockpits.上市 G-SHOCK aviation watch has gradually become the love of urban fashion trendy men and sports professionals who are pursuing high quality. In terms of watch color matching, in addition to the previous color matching, and then to the cool and tough black version, the technical performance has also been continuously innovated. GW-3000, GW-3500, GW-4000 and many other series have always attracted much attention. This season’s Gravity Defier aviation watch series GW-A1000A-1A, GW-4000-1A2, GW-3500B-1A2 is based on the original overall black color scheme, with the blue scale as the main color, which can better reflect men’s confidence and calmness. Personality and dream of becoming a flying home. GW-3500 series is a Gravity Defier aviation watch launched in 2011, known as the ‘stunt pilot’ royal watch. With its large dial and outstanding resistance to gravity and vibration, the surface of the GW-3500B-1A2 comes from the pilot’s cockpit instrumentation, and the 12-point and 6-point digital scales are visually prominent. With full-automatic light emitting diode LED liquid crystal display, all time and data on the surface are extremely easy to read, and the blue time scale is more clear and dazzling. Equipped with six global radio wave receivers, world time, super powerful hand auto repair function and solar power, as well as 200 meters waterproof and stopwatch function accurate to 1/100 second and other functions. The GW-4000 series had previously recommended a green-based scale, and the GW-4000-1A2 blue scale is more eye-catching. This model follows the GW-3000 series’ anti-centrifugal structure, which has three ultimate powerful essences of anti-shock, anti-gravity and anti-vibration. The 3G protective structure shapes pure aviation DNA. With a large dial with high resolution, a three-dimensional time scale is used to highlight the sense of space and coolness. The inside of the dial and the connection point of the dial adopt a newly developed aeronautical movement. The vibration-absorbing insulating material is installed around the movement to resist the strong rotating vibration of the helicopter. Even if the air flight competition is conducted in extremely harsh environments, the movement is not affected by vibration, ensuring that pilots can accurately read the information instantly and in a tense flight condition. At the connection between the strap and the dial, special plastic materials are used to prevent screws. It is loose in strong vibration, showing the humanized design of G-SHOCK. GW-A1000, as G-SHOCK’s strongest aerospace watch to date, made its first appearance at this year’s Basel Watch Fair and was astounding. All internal accessories of this GW-A1000 series aviation watch have been strengthened after severe environmental tests. The pilot’s watch, which has both ruggedness, easy identification, and functionality, adds shockproof, anti-centrifugal, and vibration-resistant 3G protective structures to the original shockproof structure, breaking another limit in the field of shockproofing, whether in the air The aerobatic flight can reach up to 12G centrifugal force, or when flying at high speed, all functions can be guaranteed to operate correctly. More powerful is equipped with a new SMART ACCESS intelligent operating system, which combines multi-motors and electronic crowns to achieve multi-functional common operations, such as the selection of world time and the setting of alarm clocks. The dial adopts a unique four-layer structure to make the time scale display clearer. The larger 3D dial is completely covered by the luminescent material, which increases the visibility. Even in the dark, it can meet the high visibility requirements of aviation watches. The lock mechanism on the electronic crown uses the red symbol G-SHOCK to highlight the toughness. The extended protection design can protect the electronic crown and the buttons on the side, effectively preventing and misoperation. GW-A1000A-1A blue moment theme new product, multiple details of design, reflect the concept of aviation everywhere, time scale, pointer display, light-storing paint are all embellished with blue, equipped with a black resin strap, it is more convenient to wear. The hottest cool watch of the season.