Special Grid Disc Brief Comment On Breguet Classic Series Watch

Breguet is a watch brand with noble bloodlines and a legendary watch brand. Its glorious history is enough to ensure its status in the watch industry. It is its most important series. Today, Watch House brings you a brief review of a Breguet classic series watch, with a hand-engraved new grid ‘ArtDéco’. The official model of the watch is: 5967BA / 11 / 9W6.

Why ARTDECO? The World Art Deco and Industrial Fair in France in 1925 revealed the shaping of the Art Deco style (ARTDECO) and swept the world ever since. The reason why this artistic style was popular at the time was that its eclecticism made it possible for mass production. It is not like the Bauhaus art of the same period, which emphasized functionality and completely abandoned decoration, but advocated the organic combination of decoration and function. The production of this artistic style is not only the product of human culture, but also the carrying of human spirit and thought.


In recent years, the Art Deco style has been resurrected globally, showing a rising momentum. Different from the demand for mass production in that era, ARTDECO now uses its compatible and tolerant vision and flexible and free creative methods to make the design a great space. As long as it is an element that can be used as a decoration, no matter what style it belongs to, it can be used in ARTDECO’s works. In the context of blending multiple cultures and multiple artistic ideas, our love for ARTDECO stems from our pursuit of aesthetic values, which actually reflects our praise for beauty and active love for modern life from another angle. .


The tide is always reincarnation every few decades. The growth of all artistic styles is constantly being full in the process of being used continuously, after the reflection of generations of designers. When Art Deco style became popular all over the world again, watch designers also drew a new chapter of ARTDECO on the drawings, and appeared in front of people with a new attitude integrating modern aesthetics. When designers’ attention rises to people’s mental feelings, ARTDECO becomes an excellent language.


This watch is made of 18K yellow gold, 41mm diameter design, silver plated 18K gold dial, hand-engraved new grid ‘ArtDéco’ decoration, classic Breguet blue steel hands, with Roman scale dial, read Clear and convenient.


The watch has many characteristics of the Breguet brand, the coin decoration on the side, and the design of the straight lugs, which explain the noble Breguet descent flowing through the watch. The thickness of this watch is 6.95 mm, which is still comfortable .


The infinite charm of ARTDECO watches lies in the best use of decorative arts. And this style has strong characteristics. The creative freedom brought by Art Deco design makes the starting point of this style of watch more than any other popular product design style. ARTDECO watches were mainly represented by more mechanical, geometric, purely decorative lines in the early days. Nowadays, they are more like a diversified way of thinking, compatible with luxury, elegance, and modernity, combining complex but very rhythmic visual impact. This self-contained, independent modeling language with its own connotation has a strong characteristic of being more appreciative. In the design of the shape, more attention is paid to the texture and gloss of the materials, and geometric shapes or pattern decoration are used for decoration. The use of strong solid colors and metallic colors is emphasized to create gorgeous visual impressions. The strong decorativeness based on the form of lines embodied by ARTDECO, in principle, makes flexible use of aesthetic principles such as repetition, symmetry, and gradation to make geometric shapes full of poetry and decoration. This method of creation is the process of giving meaning to the body and the process of injecting your own ideas into the design.


The watch is designed with a sapphire crystal glass bottom. The cal. 506.2 manual winding movement is equipped inside. The manual movement can provide a power reserve of 40 hours.

Summary: The new grid ‘ArtDéco’ decorative design of the dial adds a lot of color to the watch. At present, the price of this watch in domestic Henry is 139,100 yuan, and it also has a platinum version to choose from. Go to the store for more details

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