Rolex Implements New Watchmaker Training Program

Rolex has designed a new watchmaker training program and will implement it at all Rolex-sponsored schools in the United States.
The program’s new courses, exams and certification process will be overseen by the newly formed Swiss Watchmaking Training Alliance (SAWTA), an entity owned and operated by Rolex, including watch brand representatives, and watchmaking from Switzerland Training and Education Program (WOSTEP), American Watchmaker Institute (AWCI) and Rolex-sponsored school.

Rolex says its new watchmaker training program will set a new standard in American professional watchmaking education.
The course is intended to consolidate the skills currently required to achieve AWCI and WOSTEP certification and to set new standards in professional watchmaking education in the United States, Rolex said in a statement.
There will be a comprehensive final exam recognized by the Alliance members. After passing, candidates will receive certifications from SAWTA, WOSTEP and AWCI, and obtain diplomas from their respective schools and colleges.

Rolex has donated a total of more than $ 1.6 million each year, and more than 200 students have graduated from its courses.
Source: National Jeweler Network