Mysterious Cheetah Through Cartier World (4)

For Cartier, the cheetah is not a fierce killer hiding in the virgin forest, but a mysterious spirit traveling through Cartier world, whether it is Cartier’s fine jewelry, high-end watches, or Cartier Rich art accessories and fragrance world, there will always be the mysterious figure of cheetah. She is beautiful, agile, keen, light, sexy, mysterious … not chasable, but she can have it. She was animated by Cartier, and also gave Cartier a mysterious cheetah kingdom.
Find the secret trace of cheetah
   As Cartier’s iconic totem and source of inspiration, Cheetah not only shines in the field of fine jewelry and high-end watches. At the same time, Cheetah, as Cartier’s inspirational muse, traverses all corners of Cartier’s mysterious world with lightness and agility. The mysterious cheetah not only collided with women’s fragrances, leather goods, sunglasses, scarves and other fashion accessories, making women full of sexy charm. At the same time, cheetah also brought a little wonderful and mysterious temperament to the world of men. In the corners of men’s belts, glasses, writing instruments and cigarette cases, show the mature charm and kingliness of men.

Cartier leopard-patterned shawl

from left to right:

Cartier Cheetah Decorated Cigarette Case
Cartier Panther Head Cufflinks
Cartier leopard leash

Cartier PANTHÈRE DE CARTIER Sunglasses

Cartier cheetah glasses

Cartier PANTHÈRE DE CARTIER writing pen

Cartier La Panthère Eau de Parfum Légère

Cartier La Panthère Eau de Parfum Cheetah Perfume

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