Meidu Belem Celli Watch Singles Are Also Wonderful

Mido’s revolutionary masterpiece Belem Sairee series of world time watches, faithful to business people who frequently travel around the world to provide time in 24 time zones around the world. It not only attracted attention with its powerful functions and elegant beauty, but also made pioneering work in design.

   Since its introduction in 1918, Swiss Mido has been adhering to superb watchmaking technology, leading cutting-edge design concepts, and controlling the changing pulse of the times. Classic and elegant style, simple design, Swiss watchmakers created watches that give excellent quality and elegant appearance, satisfying people’s vision of wearing them for a lifetime. Thirty years have passed, and the Belem Celli series, with its elegant and noble classic atmosphere, has interpreted the brand motto of Mido Watch-a mark of true design ‘Inspiration Witness Eternity’. With its timeless classic shape, simple line design, and high-quality watchmaking technology, it has become a shining pearl in the small town of Leloc, which gathers many Swiss brands.

   The elegant design of the Belem Celi watch is inspired by the winding and elegant curve of the violin, and it is proud of the rushing fashion trend. The shape of the case uses soft curved lines lined with smooth lugs, which perfectly interprets the classic shape of the violin, reflecting an elegant, harmonious and unified style. Silver hands and letters embellish the black dial, like a deep night sky, draw a beautiful arc of time, easily control the time, make the space no longer distant, simple and modern design highlights outstanding and low-key taste.

   With a Belvedere World Time watch, you can see the global time in the hands of your hands. It is an art boutique worthy of appreciation and the best endorsement of the wearer’s aesthetic taste and life wisdom. .