Luxury Without Limit Breguet Classic Complex Watch Review

Many people call Breguet the ‘watch king’ and say that Breguet is the ‘father of modern watchmaking’. This watch I bring to you today has a retro atmosphere in it, just like an elegant royal aristocracy, gorgeous and connotative. It has both a pocket watch opening and closing device and a modern wristwatch. Now please enjoy the real shot of Breguet’s classic and complex series 1808BR / 92 / 9W6DD00 watch.

 Breguet Classique series GrandesComplications 18K rose gold watch, from the appearance of this watch is just a simple eccentric design watch, in addition to studded with nothing else. But is that really the case?

 From this picture, you can clearly see the true face of the watch. It turns out that the watch has a round hole in the case to display the time, so that it can be used whether the case is open or closed. See clearly the watch’s display time. When you turn it on, you can not only display the time, but also observe the powerful tourbillon inside.

The cover is engraved with ‘Tourbillon’ and the cover is set with diamonds, a total of 706 diamonds (about 4.7 carats).

 The watch is made of 18K rose gold, and the case is also made of 18K rose gold. The 6 o’clock position of the watch is the normal timepiece of the watch. The classic Breguet hands are made of 18K rose gold, and the black Breguet dial is decorated with Paris spikes.

 The watch still uses Breguet’s classic elegant coin design. The button on the crown of the watch is the button to open the case. When the case is closed, the case can only be pressed by pressing the button on the crown. On.

 The watch is paired with a brown alligator leather strap, which is sewn with gold thread, showing the essence of luxury. It is more elegant and luxurious when worn on the wrist, adding a noble temperament.

 The thickness of this watch is 11.3 millimeters. As a tourbillon watch, this thickness is not too thick. It is really unbearable to see the diamonds on the cover.

A watch that looks good is beautiful from every angle. These are the two sides of the watch, the crown face and the crownless face.

 At 6 o’clock, the watch’s magnificent tourbillon device is used to resist the effect of gravity and ensure that the watch moves accurately. The watch’s small second hand is set on the tourbillon bridge, with a Breguet double-layer hairspring design.

 The watch’s lugs are also inlaid with diamonds. The lugs that connect the case to the strap reflect 100% of Breguet’s style. Breguet replaces the common spring lever with a screw bolt and fixes the strap to two. Between the lugs, this is not only beautiful but solid. The lugs are welded to the frame to ensure durability and make the entire watch more beautiful.

 The watch is accompanied by Breguet’s unique single butterfly buckle design in 18K rose gold. This kind of buckle design is very convenient for the watch to wear and remove, and this kind of buckle is very safe and will not be easily released.

 The watch uses a sapphire crystal glass bottom design, so we have the opportunity to see Breguet’s exquisite carvings on the movement’s movement plate. I can only say that these exquisite carvings are beautiful. This watch is equipped with a Cal.557 manual winding movement with a frequency of 18,800 vibrations per hour. Below are a few beautifully engraved pictures of the movement’s mechanical back splint.

Summary: This is a supreme work of art. The style of the pocket watch is matched with the avant-garde of the watch. The case is inlaid with a total of 706 top-quality diamonds. It has an unparalleled luxury atmosphere and the price is also not close to the people. It is 203,400 yuan. (Photo / text watch home Chen Zhongyun)

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