Lange Saxonia Moon Phase New Black Dial Style

A brand new SAXONIA MOON PHASE with a black dial and a white 18K or 18K rose gold case. This self-winding watch is fascinating in terms of technology and aesthetics. It also combines the highly accurate moon phase display and Lange’s unique large calendar display to highlight the pure design of the watch.

Fascinating contrast: SAXONIA MOON PHASE white 18K gold model with black dial

   SAXONIA MOON PHASE, introduced in 2016, is practical, easy to operate and has a clear layout, which meets all the requirements of an addictive watch. This piece has two classic and intricate installations, with a black dial, pleasing to the eye. The moon phase with 852 stars shows 122.6 years of accuracy and is connected to the hour gear, which continues to run like a moon. Another famous feature of this watch is the famous Lange calendar display. This model previously only had a silver-white dial design. The new model, on the other hand, provides a black dial with a white date digits background. The large calendar display and small seconds with moon phase display are located on the vertical central axis, making the overall design more elegant and neat.
   The large center-mounted automatic turntable with platinum 950 centrifugal wheel ensures that the L086.5 movement, which is manually modified and meets strict standards, is manufactured by the Lange watch factory, maintaining reliable performance during the winding process. When fully wound, the large mainspring barrel provides a 72-hour power reserve. Classic screw balances, free-swinging Lange balance springs, 3/4 plywood made from untreated German silver, and hand-engraved balance plywoods are the traditional quality marks of the Lange brand, and are highly regarded by connoisseurs worldwide. Favor.
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