Karak.Gabope Rolex Ref. 6011 Wrist Worn By Clark Gable New York Powerlong Auction

Origin is very important. This is not only a great truth in society, even in the world of watches and clocks. An ordinary watch, if its origin is very famous, can also make this watch have a huge Value, this situation is more common in the auction world. If a watch was worn by a celebrity, it would reach an astronomical figure when it was finally priced. One of the major features of the upcoming Baolong auction with the theme of ‘the place where dreams begin’ is the auction of watches that have appeared in movies for nearly 100 years. The most eye-catching thing is the Ref of Rolex Oyster Perpetual series. 6011 watch, owned by the legendary film actor Clark Gable.

Clark Gable wore this watch when filming the movie Mogambo (Red Dust) in 1953. Like many actors in this period, Clark Gable also has its own collection of watches, whether in life or filming He always likes to wear this Rolex watch. In addition to Rolex, he also owns Cartier (Tank) and Patek Philippe (Triple Date Moonhpase).

Changes at auctions are often difficult to predict, and conservative valuations are often much lower than the final transaction price. Just like the Antiochourn auction held in Hong Kong in June of 201 Elgin, James Dean (Hollywood idol) owns an Elgin pocket watch for 8 times the estimated price-$ 41,000.