Interview With Daniel Boll, Global Chief Operating Officer Of Watch House. Mr. Elios

We had the honor to interview Daniel during the Baselworld 2014. Mr. Daniel Alioth is an innovative manager who is good at responding quickly to changing dynamic markets, analyzing key business drivers and formulating development strategies to increase corporate profits. Daniel. Mr. Elios joined Ball Watch Company SA in 2006 as an operations and marketing manager responsible for the company’s operations and sales. He started to serve as the chief operating officer of Boer table in 2011 and joined the board of directors of Boer table in 2012 as a director. Daniel. Mr. Elios has eight languages ​​and has worked in the banking and media industries. He has accumulated extensive financial and sales experience.

Watch House: As you can see from your resume, you joined Boer Watch Company in 2006 and have been responsible for the operation and sales. So, as far as you are concerned, today’s watch sales market is compared with 7-8 years ago. Are there any similarities?

Daniel. Elios: We have been improving our timepieces. This is very different from other brands. Some brands may be slightly changed, but as for us, there will be subversive new products launched every year? For example, we have obvious innovations in appearance and function.

Watch House: In this era, what do you think is the key to the success of watch brands?

Daniel. Elios: We think there are three important points. The first is the design aspect, which must not stop at the moment. The second aspect is the function. We also have continuous improvements and improvements. Another important point is that we have a clear price positioning in the market.

 From the point of view of the Bol brand itself, there are two very important designs. The first is a Margary designer. He is currently helping us design the appearance of the Bol BMW watch. There will also be new styles for everyone this year. meet. The other is our technical director, who is constantly developing new watch technology every year. So the brand owns these two geniuses now, which is destined that our Bol watches will definitely make new progress every year.

Watch House: As far as we know, before the BMW BMW watch was just placed a BMW logo on the disk, will there be more forms of cooperation in future products, or cooperation with other brands?

Daniel. Elios: We will not cooperate with other auto brands at the moment. The reason why we choose BMW is because its continuously innovative brand concept is similar to ours. As for the development of new products, this year we will cooperate with BMW’s Together, the M series creates a new watch.

Watch House: What do you think is the biggest selling point of Bohr watches?

Daniel. Elios: In addition to the well-known luminous function, we have been developing other forms of watches. Like this year, we also launched the first annual calendar watch, which is also a sign of the brand’s shift to functional direction. After all, luminous is just the top of the appearance. of. In addition, the price of watches this year is positioned as mid-range, so the price / performance ratio is also very high.

Watch House: Are you satisfied with the performance of Bol Watch in the Chinese market last year, how do you evaluate the Chinese watch market, how is it significantly different from other local markets?

Daniel. Elios: Because of the brands we have identified in the top ten observatories in Switzerland, this is the result of the brand’s efforts so far last year. Such affirmation is also very important for Ball. Since entering the Chinese market, with the help of the majority of media, the Ball brand has gradually gained greater and greater popularity in China, which has also increased the sales of watches. China is currently the largest market for brands in Asia, but as a global perspective, our market size in the Americas and other countries is also very large. Because Ball is an American brand, but it is made in Switzerland, it will be better in terms of influence and other aspects in the United States. The Chinese market is currently a little short of what we expected, so we will not take it lightly.

Home of Watches: At present, we rarely see that Bol has a large market activity in China, or is it a spokesperson for China?

Daniel. Elios: Because in the past few years we have also held some small press conferences in China, maybe just because the scale is relatively small, not everyone has noticed that this year we will also hold events in China, compared to previous scale conference Bigger, but time is yet to be determined. Everyone knows that we are all celebrities who are sports-oriented and challenge extremes. Of course, if we can find the right candidate in China, we are also very happy to cooperate with him.

Watch House: Will Boer watch have new actions in the new year and what surprises will consumers bring?

Daniel. Elios: We will have a big surprise this year, which is antimagnetic. Some new anti-magnetic watches will meet you this year. Because we have just obtained a patent on anti-magnetic technology, so far this is still a secret. At present, our technical director and design director have teamed up to design a new antimagnetic watch. The current market pricing is about 30,000 yuan.