Inspiration For Future Watchmaking Patek Philippe Aquanaut Travel Time 5650g

The Aquanaut series is the big day of the 20th anniversary of the advent. In addition to Patek Philippe’s PATEK PHILIPPE to celebrate the new 5168G, it also released a new ‘Advanced Research’ series 5650G in this series, showing traditional manufacturers R & D vitality that keeps pace with the times.

Feature 1: Special gift for Aquanaut anniversary
Compared to the 40th anniversary of the 2016 Golden Eagle series, the Aquanaut series celebrating the 20th anniversary in 2017 has already shown its trump card. Among them, the three-pin 5168 has been changed to a noble platinum material and replaced with In addition to the blue-faced enhanced collection, it is somewhat surprising that the brand’s ‘Pattern Philippe Advanced Research’ series will move after a few years, and have a more unified context with the previous four works (including the annual calendar or perpetual calendar are calendars) The situation is different. This time, Patek Philippe introduced the latest research results into the Aquanaut series for the first time. As for the object / function of innovation, it is the time of the two places where the practicality has been well-received. Inspiring Ref. 5650G.

Retains 5164’s well-received designs, including the unique face shell carving of the Aquanaut series, day and night display windows for the two places, etc.

Feature two: Partial open face prompts innovative design
The 5650G and the same series of 5168 have the same case material and dial color. The Aquanaut series online already has a steel case and rose gold version of the two time watch 5164. However, the special 5650G can be more or less from the dial at 9 o’clock. The partial open-face structure smelled some clues. On the whole, the time display pattern of the watch is considered to be preserved, but in the open part, you can find that the mechanism for manipulating the time in the two places has changed from the traditional spring with the axis design, but instead uses the brand’s so-called ‘elasticity’ Device ‘-two quick-adjusting pushbuttons are assigned to two cross-shaped springs. When the wearer presses a pushbutton, the kinetic energy is transmitted to the lever and the propelling gear via the spring. Compared with the traditional design, this elastic device Advantages include reduced number of parts, convenient assembly, and reduced thickness of quick-adjustment components. More importantly, there is no axis to eliminate the troubles of wear, oil lubrication, etc., but the benefits need to be built first to overcome the difficulties of the research and development process to achieve even in the future Further popularization.

Patek Philippe proposes an elastic device that controls the mechanism through more simple spring parts, which is beneficial to aspects such as assembly efficiency and product life.

Feature three: The time is better than the PP mark
In addition to the elasticity of the quick-tuning system, the 324 SC FUS movement on the watch also evolved qualitatively this time. Patek Philippe has improved the inner axis of the Spiromax® hairspring in the escapement system. It is isochronous in a vertical state, but this is not a disease-free moan. The data shows that the 5650G is equipped with an optimized two-time movement, and its daily travel time error tolerance is controlled at the level of -1 to +2, which is already higher than PP. The standard of imprint is raised by one level! The concepts proposed in the previous advanced research series often have the opportunity to be applied to more commercially available models in the future. The innovations of 5650G are expected to become important nutrients for the future evolution of the brand.

The geometrical shape of the inner axis of the Spiromax® hairspring has been redesigned and modified, which effectively improves the isochronism of the watch in the vertical state, which indirectly improves the accuracy of its movement.

Ref. 5650G

18K white gold material / 324 SC FUS self-winding movement / hour, minute, second, date display / dual time display / day and night display / sapphire crystal, transparent bottom cover / waterproof 120 meters / diameter 47.6×45.24mm / limited 500 pieces