Innovative Fusion Of Gold And Composites Richard Miller Launches Two New Material Watches

Richard Miller and Swiss company NTPT pioneered the launch of Gold Quartz-TPT® (fusion of gold and TPT® quartz fiber) and Gold NTPT carbon (fusion of gold and NTPT carbon fiber), unique and innovative Materials will be presented in the form of two ladies’ watches (RM 07-01 and RM 037).

Richard Miller RM 07-01 Quartz NTPT gold watch

   Richard Miller’s collaboration with the Swiss company NTPT began with the development of NTPT carbon fibers and TPT® quartz fibers. Since then, these two materials have been used in the production of Richard Miller’s case and substrate, which has enabled the brand to make significant progress in terms of impact resistance and invariance. Composites have extreme physical properties and are particularly difficult to machine, which means that both companies must spend time exploring new machining processes and developing cutting tools for carbon and quartz. Therefore, watches made with these new materials are also distinctive and highly recognizable.

Richard Miller RM 037 Carbon NTPT gold watch

   In hopes that these materials could benefit female customers, Richard Miller and the Swiss company NTPT joined hands again to release Gold Quartz-TPT® and Gold NTPT carbon. These two materials are embedded with TPT® quartz fiber and NTPT carbon fiber in the gold foil layer, with a 45 ° angle stagger between the layers, and the thickness of the thin layer does not exceed 10 microns. The processing process highlights the specific properties of these materials. On the contrary, the case is made more vivid and the unique light effect makes the golden hue attractive. The 5N red gold ring is satin-finished, the dial is paved with hundreds of diamonds, and the center is inlaid with mother-of-pearl or black onyx, which makes the overall appearance of the watch more attractive. After titanium, ceramic and sapphire, two new materials enrich the technical materials suitable for women.