Girard Perregaux ‘opera One’ Three Golden Bridge Tourbillon Question Table

This ‘Opera One’ three-gold bridge tourbillon watch is the world’s first four-hammer scale minute repeater watch, which breaks through the traditional two-hammer ringing function. , Its design inspiration comes from the world famous British Westminster Temple Big Ben Dapeng Zhong Rong’s elegant music. This big clock set in 1859 on the four sides of the British Houses of Parliament, tells the hour every hour, and the other four smaller clocks ring every minute to provide the accurate time of Londoners; the calm and peaceful bell strokes Breaking the horizon and becoming the most proud spiritual symbol of the British people! Evolution This process, Opera One broke the past two miniature rams and replaced them with four lightweight hammers ‘mi, do, re, sol’ to strike out the time, moment and minute; the beautiful and charming ringtone is like the sound of heaven, which is comparable to The high and harmonious music in the opera is fascinating. Through the clear double-sided hollow surface, you can directly appreciate the fine carvings inside the machine, the gorgeous and solid structure of the Sanjin Bridge, and the four small clock hammers swinging back and forth … all are amazing! The complicated and delicate movement design shows the GP Girard Perregaux’s research and development technology and innovation ability.

Peek into the production of GP Girard-Perregaux Minute Repeater, each part is the ultimate performance of vision and hearing. After more than a thousand hours of inlaying, tuning, and sound quality testing, its standards have been stricter than the general advanced timing detection requirements; therefore, the world’s first four-hammer scale-type minute repeater (Opera One) is a fusion of humanities The quintessence of science, technology, civilization, and wisdom of birth, of course, also wrote the most glorious page for GP Girard-Perregaux’s century-old history!