Frank Muller Freedom Series Automatic Chronograph Stopwatch

After years of unremitting research and development at FRANCK MULLER watch factory, the first FM 3210 series of new self-made automatic chronograph watch developed and designed by FRANCK MULLER and even produced by him is finally presented Before the world. The new self-made “Freedom” series of self-winding chronograph stopwatches carry the fine watchmaking genes that have been refined and refined, which not only represents another milestone of Franck Muller in the journey of top watchmaking, but also announces more amazing watchmaking Creativity will use this as a starting point to continue writing the immortal legend of FRANCK MULLER in the altar.

    The new ‘Freedom’ series of self-winding chronograph movements is an exquisite masterpiece born of innovative technology. Between the movement bridge and the splint, it is clearly visible that the brand-new crankshaft winding system exclusively developed by watchmakers at FRANCK MULLER is equipped with a power reserve of up to 60 hours. In the polishing and decoration of the movement, the rhodium-plated movement splint is carefully hand-polished with chamfers, the diamonds are polished and engraved with exquisite Geneva ripples, which fully complies with the highest Swiss traditional watchmaking guidelines.

    In addition, the ‘Freedom’ series of self-winding chronograph stopwatch movements also use a stable column wheel and vertical coupling structure to ensure the accuracy and stability of the stopwatch. At the same time, the movement of the hairspring in the movement reaches a vibration frequency of 21,600 times per hour, which enables it to accurately time to 1/6 seconds. This movement also has a flyback timing function. After starting the timing, you only need to press the four o’clock flyback crown. The second hand can reach the zero position at 12 o’clock in an instant, and the next hour is immediately performed. This saves the tedious action of a general chronograph stopwatch that must be reset to zero before re-timing, and this operation can be performed at any time during timing.
    The new ‘Freedom’ series of self-winding chronographs is equipped with an automatic chronograph movement in a white gold round case. The delicate and pure white dial has solar radiation engraving, with black Arabic numerals and blue steel hands. In pure black and white contrast, it exudes classic elegance and exquisite style.