Father, Son And Brother Brother Zenith’s Immortal Sacrifice Sacred Father Love

Father, for us when we were young, we were still as brothers—he was deep, and the scent of cigarettes at his fingertips brought the most reassuring aroma of tobacco; his rational and powerful arms were as firm as a rock, It is the most reliable shade among whistling bumps. Father, for us as adults, we move like children—he is cute, and the younger generation has grown up, bringing him infinite freshness and surprises every day; he was surprised that he would never grow up with the ‘brother’ who grew up one day Exploring the unknown together, breaking new ground, he will be as excited as ever. This relationship, father and son, or brother, is actually the same. On the occasion of Father’s Day in 2017, the Zenith watch, a legendary Swiss watchmaking model, will condense into the square inch like silk father’s love, flowing in one minute and one second, it is the father’s broad and gradual back, is The child has thick, mature shoulders.

Zenith has a long watchmaking history of more than 150 years. It has always insisted on the independent manufacture of mechanical movements and constantly updated technology. With Swiss top watchmaking craftsmanship, it has created watch-loving treasures that reflect personality and style for watchmakers around the world. Sincerely presenting Father’s Day with three pairs of father and son watches, it is the most sincere gift of legend to thousands of fathers and sons.

Zenith Pilot’s Watch The Everlasting Father’s Love in the Vast Sky

The father is the closest brother to the child. He knows you best and looks like you. He gave you the first toy plane. You play on the grass and are excited for the first time like two children. You are the little plane flying in the vast sky-like love of your father. The child is the father’s smartest and smartest brother. For the first time, he took the risk and stole his father’s locomotive to play cool. Zenith presents its Pilot’s Watch to numerous fathers and sons. Innate noble blood and century-old watch style, show the glory of the glorious era and ambition to conquer the sky. Fluorescent faceted hands not only read clearly, but also add a touch of retro style to the watch. This is the case with Father Love.

Left: The Zenith Pilot Collection TYPE 20 watch, more suitable for father, 48mm, reference price: RMB 59,000
Right: Zenith Pilot Collection TYPE 20 Bronze Watch, more suitable for children, 45mm, reference price: RMB 50,200

Chronomaster flagship watch from Zenith

The father is the child’s most intelligent brother. He seems to know everything and everything, and teaches you countless skills. I remember the first time I took you to play billiards with a club that is not as high as yours, and your father told you ‘be a gentleman in the future’. The child is his father’s latest brother. Accompanying the naughty boy of the past out of the father of today’s starlight, the ultimate and pure. The exquisite craftsmanship of the Zenith Chronomaster flagship series is the perfect expression of extreme pure love, the legendary, world’s most accurate El Primero chronograph movement, which can vibrate 10 times per second, so that the time can be accurate to 1 / 10 seconds, and multiple colors are applied to the three chronograph dials, which are complicated and complicated but simple and straightforward, full of deep love.

Left: The flagship Zenith El Primero 1969 rose gold watch, more suitable for his father, 42mm, reference price RMB 65,800
Right: The flagship Zenith El Primero Happy 1969 watch, more suitable for children, 42mm, reference price RMB 68,900

Zenith Elite Elite Watches Classic Timeless Elegance

Father is the quietest brother, just like a chess game, between the black and white you come and go, words are gentle. For decades, it has always been the pen and white stationery. It has always been a hand-written letter from the postman. The time ticks, the years are old, the father and son’s affection is strong, and it has become a classic, sincere and frank, never leaving. Zenith brings its timepieces and Elite Elite watches to the father, expressing the classic and timeless, elegant and low-key sincerity. This classic watch is true to Zenith’s heritage. It adopts an Elite self-winding movement. The new 39mm ultra-thin case is equipped with a pure and simple curved dial and is equipped with exquisite long hands. It perfectly shows the true essence of Zenith. quality.

Left: The Zenith Elite Classic Classic Three-Piece Rose Gold Watch More Suitable For Father, 39mm, Reference Price RMB 75,800
Right: The Zenith Elite Classic Chronograph, more suitable for children, 42mm, reference price RMB 52,800