Extraordinary Jacques De J031033200 Watch Appreciation

Jacques de Lois is an outstanding representative of the earliest ‘Maverick’ in the Swiss watchmaking industry. Its products are mostly collected by European courts and royal families and are widely praised. And the European court was astounding. Until today, Jacques Dro has been talking about the inheritance of the royal style, and often sees the flying bird, which is auspicious, presented by the watchmaker in various art forms on the dial. Today, this watch also expresses a different feeling due to natural emotions, so use this J031033200 to take you into the ordinary watch.
This Jacques Dro J031033200 is not just a watch, it can also be said to be an exquisite work of art. Its round case has a diameter of 47 mm and is made of 18k rose gold. It exudes a soft golden red gloss. Shows a gorgeous and elegant temperament. And its dial design is eye-catching. The Jacques de Ronaldo brand was born in the Jura Valley region of Switzerland, and this dial presents us a motif of the Jura Valley tits. A pair of tits stand on the Above the delicate nest, watching the little birds waiting to be fed in the nest, the female tit was about to feed the bug in her mouth to her hungry child. Seeing this scene, the eternal sentence of ‘Who talks with carelessness and reports three Chunhui’ in ‘Yu Ziyin’ comes to mind, yeah, isn’t this the greatest affection of time, it’s in our fast pace of life It was gradually ignored, but watchmakers expressed it in this form, which brought us a huge impact emotionally. The background of this picture is the signature Du River Waterfall in the Jura Mountains, the clear river and lush trees, depicting an aesthetic picture of ‘birds in the mountains, the shadow of the lake’. And such a picture appears on the dial surface of the clock, which perfectly reflects the second sentence of ‘Everything is silent, but Yu Zhongyin’. The Swiss watchmaker’s concept perfectly matches the poetry of the Chinese literati. Set off people’s pursuit of nature is beyond the existence of time and space. Seeing this watch, it will introduce you to the scene it depicts, allowing you to enjoy both visual and spiritual enjoyment, which is a masterpiece of watch altar.

 Jacques Dro J031033200 is a watch full of art. It does not have any prominent design in the basic functions of the watch. Instead, its time display consists of only the hour and minute hands, which cannot be accurate to the second, but it is the same. The design makes this watch fresh and refined. And Jacques de Loire’s superb mechanical accomplishment is fully reflected in the three-question function of the watch. At the 9 o’clock position of the case, there is a timekeeping control lever. When we pull the lever, we will hear the hour, minute, and minute. Bells. At the same time, a magical scene will also appear at this time, the egg shell in the bird’s nest will crack, a fledgling emerges, the fledgling is waiting to be fed, and then the female bird feeds it. When all this happens in front of you, you will be amazed by the ingenious skills of Jacques Dro watchmakers. Such a vivid scene is completely completed by the mechanical movement of the movement, and its complexity can be imagined. The three-question function that matches it is one of the most complicated technologies in the field of watches. These two items are put together. , Its difficulty can be imagined.
 This Jacques Dro J031033200 watch is equipped with the RMA88 movement, which is a manual winding movement. Its oscillation frequency is 18,000 times per hour, although this is not less than the industry’s best 28800 times. Gap, but its second hand-less design has such an oscillation frequency that it can be said to have exceeded its needs. This watch’s movement is set with 69 gems, which not only reduces the friction during the movement of the movement, but also makes the movement run more smoothly. This makes the movement look more beautiful. This J031033200 uses a back-through design, which presents the movement of the movement as a good visual enjoyment, plus the embellishment of pink gemstones, making this beauty even more extraordinary. . This watch can also provide a 48-hour power reserve. In fact, the function of this movement is very powerful, but the mechanical operation of the three questions consumes most of the power reserve, so it has only 48 hours. However, the power reserve of such an art boutique is not important.

This J031033200 watch was recently unveiled at the 2013 Baselworld Watch Show, and it shined in the exhibition. It is believed that it will become the object of many watch lovers in the future. Its value is mainly reflected in the artistic atmosphere contained in the exquisite dial pattern and a sustenance for people’s feelings. I believe that after wearing it on your wrist, you will immediately be given an elegant and refined temperament, and become the focus of the crowd in public. In addition, its mechanical operation when the minute repeat function is activated is also a highlight of this watch, which depicts this scene represented by the watch more realistically. It is worth noting that this watch is produced in limited edition of 16 models, 8 of which are 18K gold, and the other 8 are diamond-set versions, which are rare and expensive. The quantity and quality can reflect the high value of this watch. Corresponding to its excellent quality, this watch is expensive, the current market price is 3.8 million yuan, but if you buy this watch is not only a taste of performance, but also a symbol of strength, Jacques Dro J031033200 has something value.
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