Explaining The Beauty Of Music Tasting The Parmigiani Tonda Series Watch

Parmigiani launched two tourbillon music watches in 2013. The dial is made with wooden inlay craftsmanship. This is a truly ancient craft. The delicate craftsmanship will The vitality and history of music are condensed into the dial, allowing the integration of two different cultures, music and timepieces. Let’s take a look at these two finely crafted watches and learn about the ancient inlay craftsmanship. The official models of the watch are: PFS251-2007000 (UK version), PFS251-1007000-HA1241 (US version)

   The watch is full of various colors, and the mosaic style makes the watch’s music temperament jump up, which shows that this watchmaking brand with Fleurier as its origin has long supported the modern music culture. The wooden inlaid timepieces not only demonstrate the excellence of watchmaking, but also the infinite creativity of Parmigiani. They express Parmigiani’s devotion to advancing this rare and ancient handicraft: protecting and inheriting traditional arts and crafts always has a place in the Swiss watchmaking industry.

   The 42-mm-diameter dial is rich in content. The wooden-inlaid dial has a heavy American-style guitar. The tourbillon at 6 o’clock becomes an integral part of the guitar and is cleverly designed. The watch uses a manual winding movement inside, and the power reserve display at 12 o’clock is convenient for daily use. The wooden feel of the dial is very strong, making the watch unique.

   In addition to American-style music watches, the British version was also introduced. There is not much change in the appearance of the watch, but the difference in pattern and material. The British flag can be clearly seen on the dial of the British version. The overall color of the watch is blue and platinum. Different styles and the same functions of watches, meaning that music has no borders.

   The making of the dial is iconic. This is the first time Parmigiani has used inlay craftsmanship. Both types of watches are unique and amazing. Mosaic work is a respectable ancient art that is no longer common in life. The process of inlaying is mainly to cut out some inlays on the wooden plane and assemble them to create extremely delicate decorative effects.

   The work of the inlay craftsmen began with the original design of Lintong, and they used a special tool (Rotring drawing pen) to carefully draw each element. This copying work is the basis of the mosaic work, from which the size and contour of each design block can be determined.

  Next, inlay craftsmen reprint ten or more design drawings on paper, and they will use these drawings to cut out different design blocks.

  Once the last block was cut, there seemed to be no more complicated procedures, at which point the craftsmen began to assemble the design block. Although the entire process strictly follows the dimensions, when the block assembly stage is reached, the craftsman may still find very small errors or small eye-catching cracks, so the entire work is ruined. The craftsman must start from scratch and patiently copy and cut again as needed.

  The work of mosaic work must be persistent and accurate, and even the smallest details must be carefully considered, and the overall situation must be kept in mind. Everything is revealed at the last minute because of the results of the mosaic work. At this time, each block is perfectly embedded in its own position and plays its role as part of the whole.

Parmigiani Tonda Tourbillon Tourbillon US version, official model: PFS251-1007000-HA1241

Parmigiani Tonda Tourbillon Tourbillon UK, official model: PFS251-2007000

  Each of the dials crafted with inlaying craftsmanship contains more than 50 pieces of dyed wood, the result of 10 days of hard work. These woods are designed, cut, and assembled to the best of their ability to reach a smooth surface that appears to the naked eye. The watch case is just as wonderful.

Summary: This Parmigiani tourbillon music watch is exquisite in design and creative. The guitar in the dial is closely connected with the wood inlay craftsmanship, which not only allows us to appreciate and pay attention to this ancient craft, but also evokes People have passionate memories of rock music. The British and American versions pay tribute to the two most influential countries in the history of rock music. Friends who love rock music, don’t miss this tourbillon watch with special craftsmanship and super complicated functions.

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