Continuous Originality, The Direction Of The Core Grand Opening Of Xi’an Boutique Glory Witnesses The Splendid Appearance Of The Limited-edition Watch With Limited Movement In China

The Glashütte Original Boutique officially landed in the ancient city of Xi’an, injecting original power into the charming capital, and radiating the German watchmaking art style from 1845. On July 16, Glashütte Original held a grand opening ceremony at the SKP mall in Xi’an, heralding the beginning of this extraordinary time journey. In addition, the brand’s new limited-edition watch specially launched for the Chinese market also made a stunning debut at Xi’an SKP, leading everyone to experience the charm of original timepieces full of unique craftsmanship.

Constantly original
   Xi’an SKP boutique is the fifth boutique opened by Glashütte Original in China, and is another important milestone for the brand’s global development. Whether it is the movement pattern decoration on the outer wall of the shop that promotes the original and excellent craftsmanship of Glashütte, or the classic and simple German color and design in the shop, it creates a harmonious atmosphere of pure German precision. The mysterious time and the mystery of the original spirit come to everyone.

Movement Inverted Ten Years of Glory
    With the opening of the boutique, the new limited-edition movement watch for the Chinese market also appeared as the protagonist. Back in the journey, the inverted watch with calibre was launched in 2008. It is equipped with the brand’s self-developed manual winding movement 66, which turns the proud double gooseneck fine-tuning device on the dial. The inherent beauty of the mechanical watch is thus Show off. The movement of a fine watch is complex and meticulous. The overall structure of the movement needs to be redesigned and remodeled with the main plywood, three-quarters plywood and gear train rebuilt. The layout of the panel must also be re-conceived to ensure the harmony of the display proportions while giving the visual focus of the double gooseneck fine-tuning device. The watch with upside-down movement inherits the brand’s original essence. It combines rigorous and exquisite German craftsmanship and original design into the details of the watch. It is a masterpiece of the brand. In the past 10 years, it has been widely recognized by the market and has received rave reviews from collectors.

Ingenuity only for China
    The new limited-edition movement inverted watch released this time inherits the iconic movement inversion process, and condenses the precious expectations of the tenth anniversary in the dial design. The faceplate with three quarters of splint as the background is decorated with traditional watchmaking elements of Glashütte town, and the gold sleeves and blue steel screws are even more dazzling against the column-shaped silver splint. On the other hand, the specially designed sapphire blue scale circle, which surrounds the hour, minute display and small seconds display, is placed on the left side of the surface in accordance with the golden ratio, and the two circles overlap to show a gourd shape. ‘Lu’, harmony is a blessing, wealth is a lu, which contains longing for a bright future. The delicately polished blue-steel pointer at the top right slides past the power reserve display, making it clear at a glance. The double gooseneck trimmer called ‘butterfly’ on the lower right of the dial is inlaid on the hand-carved balance wheel splint, and the balance spring swings regularly underneath. The beauty of movement is present in front of her, indicating that the power is endless and the original is endless.
   This limited edition watch with an inverted movement is specially made for the Chinese market, and the 38-piece limited release plan also contains the brand’s ingenuity and good expectations for the Chinese market: not only because of the 66 on the watch. The diameter of the movement is 38 millimeters, which is also the third and eighth place in the alphabet corresponding to the letters ‘C’ and ‘H’ in ‘CHINA’.

Looking back on history
   The movement inverted watch has the iconic double gooseneck fine-tuning technology, which shows the brand’s persistent pursuit of time accuracy. Tracing back to history, the traditional craftsmanship of Glashütte’s local watchmaking has been using the gooseneck fine-tuning mechanism since 1888. By turning the adjustment screw on the gooseneck spring, the travel time is adjusted. This unusual precision adjustment system became Germany for a time. A major feature of watchmaking. Glashütte’s original goes one step further. In 2002, it adopted the double gooseneck fine-tuning on the 65 movement for the first time. A gooseneck spring was added to the original basis to achieve a more accurate adjustment of the frequency and speed of the balance wheel. . Later, after 6 years of painstaking efforts, Glashütte Original turned the double gooseneck to the dial in 2008, and launched the watch with an inverted movement. In 2018, China’s limited-edition watch with limited movement, carrying 10 years of glory and honor, set sail and paid tribute to the original.

   In order to show the history of the gooseneck fine-tuning mechanism completely and vividly, the brand will prepare a small antique movement exhibition in Beijing APM, Beijing SKP shop and Shanghai Nanjing West Road shop, so that watch enthusiasts can feel Glashütte up close Originality, as the guardian of time, gives the vitality of time and the endless original spirit of the brand.
Exhibition Information:
July 24 to July 28, Beijing APM Boutique
No.138 Wangfujing Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing
July 29 Beijing SKP Boutique
Shop D1004, SKP Mall, No. 87 Jianguo Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing
July 31 to August 5 Shanghai West Nanjing Road Boutique
1049 West Nanjing Road, Shanghai