Citizen Rong Zuer Christmas Signature Light Kinetic Wave Watch

An emperor’s sister, Rong Zuer, will sing in Shanghai and present a Christmas gift to the fans. From the youthfulness of her debut to the starlight of today, this ‘girl with wings’ shows her self perfectly with each transformation, and she has made the wonderful life with her unremitting efforts. Citizen once again joined hands with them to launch a 2008 solar-powered radio-controlled radio timepiece signed by Rong Zuer during the Christmas season, as a warm and private treasure for urban beauties.

 Joey Yung’s dynamic and stylish appearance of the Christmas signature will undoubtedly add more joy to this warm season. The light brown crocodile leather strap with a soft gold case is suitable for the colors of autumn and winter seasons and reflects the confidence and independence of urban women; the sapphire mirror is round and smooth and crystal clear; and the dial design further explains the multi-faceted charm of modern women. The Arabic numerals contrast with the elegant Roman scales. Warm gold and noble silver complement each other. The hollow hands exude a unique artistic flavor, satisfying women’s ultimate pursuit of detail in fashion.

 The exquisite and elegant appearance of Joey Yung’s Christmas signature solar-powered radio timepiece is derived from its high-tech inner core. This watch uses the world’s smallest radio-controlled movement and combines Citizen’s leading photovoltaic technology and radio-wave technology. There is no need to manually adjust the time and date. As long as there is light, there is energy. As long as it can receive standard time radio waves, it will not There will be errors. The solar-powered radio wave watch realizes near-perfect automatic management, eliminating all the hassles for busy urban women, and showing calmness whenever and wherever possible.
Confident women are the most beautiful. Citizen Rong Zuer’s signature meets beautiful women with Christmas.