Chopin Presents Magical Setting Series, Adding Glory To The World Of Fine Jewelry

Chopard, an emotional master of craftsmanship, dazzles in the world of traditional fine jewelry with the new Magical Setting series. The dazzling and graceful brocade cluster rings, pendants and earrings use exquisite and innovative inlay technology, and play with light and shadow effects to make diamonds and colored gemstones show unprecedented brilliance. Chopard Caroline Scheufele, co-president and artistic director of Chopard, reinterprets the noble and long-lasting classic jewellery design, the flower cluster, releasing the rich and colorful glow hidden inside the gem, showing the jewellery Emotional charm. Caroline Schaefer explores the thousands of forms of light through the Magical Setting series: light symbolizes divinity, purity, joy, and endless joy; light is the essence of elegant charm; light can also stimulate the power of gems and jewelry Emotional resonance.

Dazzling light color image

Chopard Magical Setting Jewelry

Each cluster is located in the center of a striking and charming single gemstone, with a classic and elegant structure, surrounded by eye-catching large gemstones, giving the timeless design an unexpected avant-garde modern atmosphere. Linglong jewelry uses innovative mosaic technology to stage a dazzling light-colored charm. This inlaying technology was carefully developed by Chopard’s craftsmen, inspired by Caroline Schafer’s long-standing jewellery dream, which highlights the vitality and brilliance of gemstones and shows the individual charm of jewelry.

Chopard Magical Setting Jewelry

The central gem of each cluster is fixed with almost invisible and invisible claws, and the surrounding gems are firmly positioned like magic. There is no support at all, and no metal base can be seen from the front or above the jewelry. Brocade is supported by Chopard’s new and original structure. This special technique moves the claws typically used to hold gemstones below the gemstone waistline. As a result, the metal will be completely hidden on the surface of the jewelry, and each facet of all gems can be more fully illuminated. The light can enter and exit freely, swirling around the gem, setting off ripple waves on the surface of the gem, not hindered by solid metal, and not bound to any limit. At the same time, the gold support structure enhances the dazzling light color effect, creating an unprecedented visual experience.

‘I deeply love gemstones, and hope to conceive the most unexpected way to highlight the beauty of gemstones. With the Magical Setting technology developed by Chopard’s Fine Jewelry Workshop with extraordinary ingenuity and craftsmanship, we can now make gemstones suspended in the air, At the same time, it shines brightly, ‘said Caroline Schaefer, co-president and artistic director of Chopard.

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Chopard Magical Setting Jewelry

The Magical Setting series is exquisite and elegant regardless of color combination and design. The series of jewellery may be set with diamonds only, or diamonds with sapphire, ruby ​​or emerald. A series of other jewellery set with colorful gemstones, including tanzanite, red tourmaline, amethyst and pink sapphire, form a cluster in different arrangements, bringing a different modern charm, and interpreting the classic style in colorful tones. As always, Chopard carefully selects gems with quality, personality and charm. Thanks to Magical Setting technology, when the light penetrates the gemstone, its rich colors are even more dazzling. The wonderful combination of light and color is beautiful and shocking.

Noble classical brocade design

Chopard Magical Setting Jewelry

Chopard is known for its unrestrained, unconventional high-end jewelry style, and Caroline Schaefer reinterprets extremely classic jewelry designs through the Magical Setting series. The brocade design dates back to the 14th century and may have its origins in the medieval brooches used to fasten cloaks or robes in the Middle Ages, which gradually evolved into ornate and delicate ring-shaped accessories. Today’s brocade presents elegant floral shapes, which were all the rage in the 17th and 18th centuries as the earliest decorations. Diamonds were discovered in Brazil in the early 1720s. For the emerging wealthy class of the time, diamonds were increasingly widely accepted and favored. In the 19th century, fashionable brocades used a single gem shape, usually accompanied by large colored stones, surrounded by diamonds, which were very graceful and luxurious, occupying a place in the jewelry box of the royal family. The brocade in this form is still the traditional pattern of high-end jewellery in the 20th century. At that time, the focus of the design was on the type of gems and classic charm.

Today, Caroline Schaefer breaks through the classic brocade design, explores its noble temperament and multiple changes, plays with proportions, and is fascinated by its connection with the universe and constellation. This dense star cluster composed of light and energy scatters light from the inside out, and it dazzles the night sky, which is stunning and fascinating.

Love Magical Setting Series

Chopard Magical Setting Jewelry

Caroline Schaefer recalls that her love for gems originated in her childhood. When she was playing with her mother’s jewelry, she felt a magical attraction. She arranged and stacked the jewelry and dreamed of creating her own work. After participating in the family business, she injected this playfulness with a bold avant-garde spirit of adventure into Chopard design. Caroline Schaefer has perseverance, adheres to the spirit of freedom, constantly breaks boundaries, challenges stereotypes, and frees high-level jewelry from the formal and formal customs. She gave jewellery a new form of expression, creating a unique style that is at the forefront of fashion, leisurely grace, exquisite and gorgeous. Today Chopard is known worldwide for this style. However, Caroline Schaefer’s ultimate goal is to highlight the beauty of gems, the color and luster of colored gems, and the endless depth of diamonds.

Chopard Magical Setting Jewelry

For many years, Caroline Schaefer held a dream-to make the setting invisible, to make the gemstone shine, and to show its extraordinary charm and personality. She challenged the artisans and shook her head to say that her ideas were too complex to be realized. However, she is curious and persevering, persevering, and relentlessly pursuing innovation and inspiration. Today, Magical Setting turns her creative vision into reality. Her exclusive artisans combine advanced technology and ancient skills to create a new generation of fashion classics. These sensual jewels are radiant and dazzling, making people feel refreshed.

Make diamonds spin freely

Chopard Magical Setting Jewelry

The Magical Setting series evolves from Chopard’s most famous work, Happy Diamonds. The work continues Chopard’s mission of making diamonds spin freely, and strives to find a new expression of high jewelry, which can capture and reflect the feminine temperament of fashion and the ambition and attitude of modern women. In 1976, Chopard shocked the jewelry industry with Happy Diamonds. These exquisite diamonds full of joy break the old traditions, move freely, dance lively and playful, showing a young mindset. The launch of Happy Diamonds coincided with the timing and became a symbol of social and cultural change and women’s freedom.

Caroline Schaefer continues to explore and is committed to rejuvenating high-end jewelry with a more modern look. She introduces new technologies and materials, such as space metal titanium alloy, dyes it and blends with the gemstone, highlighting the gorgeous color and grace of the gemstone. Now, the Magical Setting series is once again following the trend, showing the autonomy of modern attractive women. These jewellery will be dedicated to the free women who show their charming charm freely according to their wishes. They are broad-minded, shining like the Magical Setting.