Chopard Temptations Series Staged Jewelry Temptation

Colorful, exquisite and dynamic, sweet and seductive, full of vitality. Delicate work, mouthwatering like candy, hard to resist. The Temptations jewellery collection is brand new, with a brilliant mix of colored stones and gold and titanium. Superior jewellery craftsmanship creates modern jewelry that is easy to wear and changeable.

   Over the years, Chopard has injected free, unrestrained, and chic breath into fine jewelry. The brand makes full use of the wild imagination and uses various exotic stones to create unique works. The pursuit of excellence, combined with extraordinary creativity and perfect production quality, makes the Geneva brand Chopard a place in the jewelry industry.

   The Temptations series launched in 2011 brought a fresh breeze to the jewelry industry. A variety of Chi Mei gemstones appeared colorfully: red tourmaline, amethyst, tsavorite, amethyst, paraiba tourmaline and diamond blended together to create a gorgeous light-colored swirl. Caroline Scheufele, Chopard’s co-president and artistic director, boldly invents bold ideas, subverts stereotypes, and innovates, combining various materials, fashions and colors.
Fascinating colors

   Color is the main element as always, and a new design has been added to the collection, introducing rings, earrings and long necklaces made of oval colored gemstones. Beryl, tanzanite, amethyst, red tourmaline and yellow sapphire are cleverly mixed with diamond, gold and titanium. Titanium can be transformed into an infinitely bold design: this metal is extremely lightweight, can be painted in many colors, and can be made invisible with the help of a fine setting process. In addition, titanium can increase the brightness of the color, give the gems a transparent luster, and make the gems shine from the inside out …
   The new Temptations jewelry works are elegant and fresh, eclectic, with a refined and refined luxury background to set off the extraordinary freedom and creativity.
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