Challenge Gravity Tasting Zenith Prestige Watch

At the 2013 Geneva Watch & Clock Fair, Zenith presented a number of new watches, the most notable of which was the Columbus Hurricane, fully hollowed-out dial and gravity control system. It is memorable and curious, let us take a look at this unique watch together. This watch not only combines the El Primero movement and the gravity control system, but also is equipped with an ingenious sesame chain transmission system, which can keep the swing amplitude stable during the power reserve, and then ensure the watch’s stable power. This watch, named after the navigator Christopher Columbus, successfully solved the triple equation of watch accuracy: time is divided into equal sections with a high vibration frequency, and the gravity control system eliminates the gravitational effect that affects the precise travel time , And the sesame chain transmission device to eliminate the isochronous gap. Official model: 27.00.2218.713

   In 1969, Zenith launched the El Primero movement, with an unrivalled high frequency of 36,000 times per hour, with an accuracy of 1 / 10th of a second. Since then, this legendary movement has evolved in the same name series.

Detailed illustration of Zenith Prestige watch functions

   The design of the watch was inspired by the marine astronomical clock, which concentrated the huge structure of the marine astronomical clock into a watch with a diameter of only 45 millimeters. Zenith invested great efforts for this. Through the integrated sapphire crystal glass, you can clearly appreciate the mechanical beauty of the watch.

   The main dial at 12 o’clock accurately displays the hours and minutes, and the entire power of the watch comes from the sesame chain transmission system under the hollow dial, which was developed by Zenith for two years. When the power of a mechanical watch weakens, the vibration swing of its movement will become smaller, which will affect the accuracy of the watch. On the contrary, with the sesame chain transmission system, the power of the watch will remain stable during the power reserve. The operating principle of the sesame chain transmission system is as follows: the movement of the movement transmits its power to the barrel, after which the spiral structure of the pagoda wheel will offset the gradual change in power generated by the barrel. The spiral structure of the pagoda wheel is specially designed for clockwork and is the result of complex calculations.

   The transmission system between the barrel and the pagoda wheel is a sesame chain consisting of 585 parts with a length of 18 cm. The structure of the sesame chain is very complex, consisting of alternating double-links and intermediate links. The size of the rivets has been carefully calculated to reduce the impact of dynamic changes on the movement. The manufacture and operation of sesame chain requires meticulous care and ingenious craftsmanship. Once the assembly is completed, its tensile strength can reach more than 3 kg.

   At 6 o’clock, the gyroscope frame is made up of 173 parts. It is a veritable watchmaking jewel, and it is dazzling with its light and sharp rotation. The arched structure of the protective cover perfectly complements the beauty of the frame and echoes the hour-cut skeleton dial at 12 o’clock. On the side of the bridge, the sapphire crystal case back shows the world map carved by laser on the gyroscope balance weight, paying high respect to Columbus’s spirit of adventure.

   The watch is equipped with a Zenith El Primero 8805 manual movement and a unique gyroscope system to ensure that the adjustment mechanism maintains a perfect horizontal position. The sesame chain contains 585 parts and the movement contains 354 parts, including 173 parts of the gravity control system. Power reserve of 50 hours.

Summary: This new Zenith Prestige Columbus 27.00.2218.713 new watch combines a gravity control system and a sesame chain transmission system to achieve the most accurate timepiece. The unique design of the watch, with its bold creativity and intelligent mechanical structure, presents a precise and pleasing boutique watch. The watch has a unique wearing experience. The gravity control system will continuously adjust the position with the movement of your wrist. Through the transparent spherical cover, you can see the wonderful operation process at a glance, which is impressive. Limited to 25 pieces, this remarkable watch is more obvious than a practical symbol.

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