Casio Sheen Introduces Micro-movie With Spokesperson Gui Lunmei

The SHEEN micro-film starring four people starred by the Golden Horse Awards and the spokesperson for Casio’s SHEEN series of women’s watches, condenses the independent confidence and intellectual beauty of urban women in just 2 minutes. in. The beautifully transformed Emily, the confident and intelligent Sophia, and the sunny Sandy are all people who can’t help finding their own shadow in them. When the sweet Tanabata is approaching, the fourth ‘Romance’ of the micro-film is released with affection, explaining to everyone what is the true love that modern urban women need!
In the fourth micro-film, Gui Lunmei used superb acting skills to reinterpret the desire and attitude of urban women for love. On the annual Valentine’s Day again, the heroine carefully prepared a romantic dinner for the heroine, but on the heroine’s face, we saw a little anxiety and embarrassment. Especially when the hero asked about the birthday present he wanted this year, the heroine was silent. Stepping out of the restaurant, the drizzle of Lili did not break the silence between the two, and the actor only silently supported the girl behind her umbrella. At this time, the sudden burst of the fountain let the heroine hide in her boyfriend’s arms. The male protagonist held the female protagonist’s hand tightly. The temperature in the palm of her hand calmed her heart a little scared. The heroine finally smiled at this moment and said, ‘What I want is time with you.’

 The definition of romance is not just a seemingly high-end candlelight dinner on Valentine’s Day, nor is it a gift wrapped in gorgeous packaging on each birthday. What is romantic is a time that belongs to two people every minute and every second. Companionship can slow down time enough to feel each other’s heartbeat, breathing, body temperature, and taste. In the movie, the Casio EDIFICE & SHEEN couple watch worn by the male and female protagonists has become the best witness to love and time. The watch hands tick and the time goes by unconsciously. Together is the best time.

Let time witness love
EFR-500D & SHE-5019D-7A The EFR-500D & SHE-5019D-7A couple pair watch with silver as the main color, still highlights pure fashion in simplicity. The addition of a small fan-shaped dial not only played an excellent embellishment role, but also strengthened the functional practicability of the watch.

EFR-500D & SHE-5019D-7A ¥ 1590
Main functions: 100/50 meters waterproof; stopwatch display; day and date display, one-touch tri-fold strap
* Casio SHEEN watch series use SWAROVSKI crystal
SHE-5019D series watches have been sold in major counters throughout Casio