Cartier Tortue Mystery Watch Released Directly At 2013 Geneva Watch Show

Cartier’s artistic creativity is endless, hidden inside and outside. The luxurious cesium beryllite, bird feather and diamond bird’s nest outline the hazy sense of time, and the brand uses a variety of fickle and poetic methods to create a mysterious atmosphere. The preciousness of time has made it arbitrarily arbitrary, and this kind of idiosyncratic and unpredictable traits are applied to fine jewelry making, thereby transcending the limit of creativity.

┬áThis watch is shaped by sea turtles, and it is fun to watch the time. Under the sea turtle’s garrison, the time appears and sometimes disappears. On the back of this time keeper, a cesium beryllite is inlaid as the tortoise shell. When you open the tortoise shell, you can see the oval silver-plated dial.

Geneva International Haute Horlogerie 2013: