Breitling Cross-ocean Series Going With The Aviation Industry Golden Age

1958 Breitling Transocean Watch advertisement. Breitling Transocean Series Watches Appreciation Fair. Breitling Transocean World Time Watch.
From August 31st to September 13th, the first ‘Breitling Transoceanic Series Watches Appreciation Fair’ was held at the European Place Clocks on the first floor of the Beijing International Trade Phase III. In addition to this year’s three new products ‘Transoceanic World Time’ ‘Chronograph’, ‘Ocean 1461 Chronograph’ and ‘Ocean QP Chronograph’, two transocean watches launched last year were also exhibited together. This is the first time that the transocean series is rich in one style in China. The complete series will be presented and will be successively exhibited in other cities in mainland China.
Transocean’s name is derived from the commemoration of the period when civil aviation entered the ocean in the 1950s. At that time, Boeing 707, DC-8 and ‘Fast Sailing’ passenger aircraft were equipped with Breitling cockpit timers. The aviation industry has entered a golden age together. In 1958, Transocean, the first transoceanic watch, was launched. It has a good performance in terms of travel accuracy, magnetic resistance, water resistance, and shock resistance. Its poster also wrote such a proud sentence: ‘I want to conquer with ambition People in the vast sky will trust the Ocean Watch, because every Breitling watch means accuracy equivalent to aviation standards. ‘
When the retro style struck, Breitling, which has been keeping young, sporty and classic, couldn’t help it, and turned its attention to the ‘Private Antiques’ Transocean. The new version of the ‘Transocean Watch’ launched last year followed the 50 of the same name in 1958. The chrono logo, vortex stainless steel bracelet, simple three-pointer and cross dial layout update the sword-shaped hands to stick-shaped straight luminous hands closer to the image of modern Breitling.
The launch of three new transoceanic watches this year shows that the brand’s actions on this series are not small. The most eye-catching ‘Ocean World Time Chronograph’ has the function of world time zone. Rotating the crown can easily change the time zone, and this crown can rotate freely back and forth, unlike the one-way rotation of the traditional crown. The map of the world in the center of the dial is exquisite, the edges of the city discs write the names of cities around the world, and the cities that implement daylight saving time are also reminded by a red arrow that spans a moment, ‘Please read for an hour.’ It is worth mentioning that the city names on this watch are customized in Chinese, and for the first time, Beijing has been adopted as the representative city of the East Eight Time Zone, which is very pleasing to Chinese consumers.
The “Ocean QP Chronograph” launched at the same time is a perpetual calendar, which can automatically calculate the month and month of February 29, and integrate one of the three major complex functions into the Ocean series. Its important. The ‘Ocean 1461 Chronograph’ is reminiscent of the classic NAVITIMER 1461. The same name and the same leap year calendar system are adjusted once every leap year, and the next adjustment is another leap year after 1461 days. Romantic complex. ‘Cross Ocean 1461 is aimed at older people. Forty years old, NAVITIMER 1461 is more sports and may be more suitable for young people.’ Liu Kang, a loyal fan of Breitling, commented. Looking at the new look of the entire series, it is not difficult to predict that Breitling will enter the ranks of formal watches with the ‘Ocean Series’ and further develop its own market.
看 Details of the new Breitling Transoceanic series:
1, LOGO is the retro letter B. The retro font ‘B’ made of precious metal instead of the modern ‘small wings’ pattern is set on the dial, which is the Breitling brand logo in the 1950s.
2, thin rod-shaped straight luminous pointer. The straight luminous hands that Breitling used well, in this series, were able to ‘slim down’ and become more showy and elegant.
3, OCEAN CLASSIC stainless steel woven bracelet. The stainless steel models in this collection are equipped with a low-key and luxurious Roman chain, adding a retro gentleman’s temperament to the watch.