Blancpain Image Ambassador Gianluca Kenoni Sets Another World Free Diving Record

On the morning of September 28, Blancpain’s image ambassador Gianluca Genoni showed his skills again, wearing the highly reliable Blancpain 500 噚 diving watch diving deep into the Mediterranean. And set a new world diving record. After officially verifying the length of the diving measurement rope, he dived at high speed with a diving propeller under the supervision of a notary of Rapallo. After a few minutes, he rushed out of the water from the bottom of the sea, raised the diving depth sign, and successfully refreshed 160 meters. World free diving record.

Gianluca Kenoni wears Blancpain 500 噚 watch to set a new world free diving record

The record-breaking ceremony was held at the port, and notaries from Kenoni and Rabarlo witnessed this exciting process. The notary officer first stamped the official seal of Rabaro Town at the beginning of the depth measuring rope. After meticulous measurement, the mark was accurately marked at 160 meters. After boarding the ship, there was a little tension floating in the relaxed atmosphere, and everyone was waiting intently for the crucial moment. Finally, Kenoni took a look at his wrist watch, jumped into the sea, and began to dive. This diver is wearing a 500pa watch by Blancpain, which is waterproof to a depth of 1,000 meters and equipped with a pressure reducing valve. The reading display design is advanced and reliable, ensuring the indication is clear even on the darkest sea floor. Distinguishable. After diving into the water with the Suex Xk1 submersible propeller only 3 minutes and 41 seconds later, Kenoni incorporated a 160-meter diving depth sign into his bag and returned to the sea, completing this deep diving feat.
‘Beyond the limits’ is the common pursuit of Blancpain and Kenoni. Both have been pursuing new breakthroughs in their respective fields, and regard them as daily unremitting efforts. As early as 1996, Kenoni set a world diving record for the first time. He followed the variable weight diving rules to reach a depth of 106 meters and realized his dream. Today, the free diving expert from Italy has set more than 18 diving records. In the past seven years, Blancpain, the founder of classic timepieces in Le Brassus, Switzerland, has also developed Less than 22 innovative watch movements. By constantly responding to new challenges, Blancpain and Kenoni have repeatedly exceeded their limits, writing a glorious chapter in legend.
Blancpain 500 噚 diving watch

Gianluca Kinoni

500 Fathoms is amazingly among the Blancpain diving watch series, its performance and craftsmanship are unprecedented. The design of this diving watch demonstrates Blancpain’s firm sports style. Its waterproof performance is up to 1000 meters, and it is equipped with a helium pressure relief valve, which is especially suitable for use in fully enclosed diving environments. In addition, this masculine 500 Fathoms watch is also equipped with a unique 48mm diameter titanium dial with a crown guard and an automatic pressure relief valve at 10 o’clock on the dial. No need to take any measures to ensure the safety and reliability of the watch.
In order to improve the readability of the watch, Blancpain designed hollow large luminous Arabic numerals on the UV brushed metal intarsia. The tapered markings and luminous paint on the hands, together with the red tip of the long seconds hand, ensure that the watch has perfect readability in any situation. The luminous base of the black dial emits fluorescence in the dark, and the date in white on a black background appears at four o’clock. The one-way ratcheted bezel makes operation easier and avoids inadvertently extending the diving time. This watch not only uses titanium and sapphire crystal watchmaking technology, the watch mirror is also designed with a shallow arc relief, which can reduce the risk of impact.
The power of this 500 Fathoms watch is derived from the Calibre 1315 self-winding movement, which is specially designed for sports watches. It uses precision adjustment screws to achieve balance, which helps prevent any vibration from disturbing the smooth operation of the watch; three connected The barrels ensure a continuous power supply and a power reserve of five days. The calendar system gives the date display a two-way quick adjustment function. Another striking feature of the 500 Fathoms is its sapphire crystal finish on the case back. Through the sapphire crystal finish, people can appreciate the self-winding movement and the sculpted boat snail-shaped oscillating weight without affecting the watch. Waterproof and safety performance is outstanding.
In addition, the 500 Fathoms is equipped with a sturdy, stylish and waterproof black canvas strap lined with rubber. The novel three-leaf folding clasp, which is fixed on each side by push plates, is the finishing touch for the design of this watch; the other comes with a rubber strap and matching accessories, designed to withstand harsh conditions The designed gift box constitutes a full set of professional diving timing equipment.
Blancpain and diving
Blancpain’s association with diving sports began in 1953, when the brand developed a special 50 噚 diving watch for the French Navy special forces. This masterpiece of precision machinery is water-resistant to 50 噚 (91.4 meters), hence the name. Today, Blancpain series of watches are still a milestone in the diving watch manufacturing industry, often attached to the brave and fearless diver’s wrist, helping them set a new world record. The watch is equipped with a unidirectional rotating bezel, the dial scale is clear and easy to read, and it is equipped with an automatic movement. Each watch of the 50 噚 series is the crystallization of Blancpain’s advanced watchmaking process, which has irreplaceable safety performance standards, and due to the force of force, it presents a waterproof depth of 1,000 meters, 3 barrels, 5 days power reserve, Many classic design elements such as antimagnetic case and pressure reducing valve device have been praised, and their classic status is undoubted.