Bell & Ross New Limited Edition Belly Tanker Series ‘el Mirage’ And ‘dusty’ Chronograph

‘Speed’ has always been a key source of inspiration for Bell & Ross. Since its inception, the watchmaking brand has shown a high passion for cutting-edge technology. It is precisely because of these factors that the brand continues to surpass and develop highly complex mechanical devices for its timepieces. Needless to say, Bell & Ross has shown great interest in all speed cars.

   In 2017, Bell & Ross created a retro-inspired Belly Tanker racing car with a missile-like, streamlined aerodynamic design. It is based on the fighter’s fuel tank, with an engine and four wheels, making it a simple and smooth racing car. This car is also called ‘aircraft on wheels’, which is in perfect harmony with the spirit of this watchmaking brand: it inherits aviation and military genes.
   This retro futuristic-style racing car is part of the ultimate racing series developed by the brand and combines aviation elements with a large number of watchmaking elements. Its body metal is made of the same material as the watch case. The cockpit glass cover echoes the large-arc arched mirror. Its copper-colored decoration is reminiscent of the dials of timepieces of the same era. Its rear wing for stabilizing the car references aeroplane elements-the matte black used by some stealth fighter ‘heads’ to avoid reflections.
Collaboration with Revolution and The Rake to create new BELLY TANKER

   After the successful launch of the BELLY TANKER series in 2017, Bell & Ross designers did not stop, but began to accelerate research and produce more high-end products. For example, this time in collaboration with the international fashion trendsetters ‘Revolution’ and ‘The Rake’ to create the new BELLY TANKER series of works Dusty and EI Mirage, and for the first time introduced a new stable bronze material, which is also at Bell & First used in the Ross series.

   For fashion lovers, these two joint watches are even more significant. Like its ultimate tropical dial-style chronograph concept, its fans were pleasantly surprised. ‘The Rake’ even made detailed plans for the matching of these two watches on its official website, such as brown flannel, tweed, plaid pattern and corduroy clothing, and even with evening dresses Can show distinctive elegance and fashion sense.
DUSTY tropical dial
   Dusty is named after Dusty, the dry lake that American speed madman Bill Burke often races. Burke created the world’s first Belly Tanker high-speed car. Although it has never been officially released, with its excellent appearance and design, this streamlined tank has a place in the great American aviation history of the 1940s and 1950s. Bell & Ross Bellis was inspired by these later versions of the Belly Tanker high-speed car, and designed its own car and chronograph based on it.
   Inspired by military and aviation regulations for forty to fifty years, this retro-inspired sports chronograph features an ultra-thin case, recessed counter, countdown, and retro font design. This is the exclusive product of Bell & Ross and ‘The Rake’. The black color of the caramel dial and the seconds ring of the dial and the milk chocolate color of the bezel form an excellent color contrast effect. This is the so-called tropical dial effect. For Bell & Ross’s design, ‘If there is a black-faced chronograph exposed to the California sun every day, what will it look like in 70 years?’ The tan of the pleasing tropical dial is always joyous. To set off the Dusty tropical dial, the designers chose a military-style brown strap with a retro pin buckle.

   The design of the EI Mirage is inspired by the bright yellow appearance of the legendary ‘Belly Tank’ car created by Burke with the P51 Mustang fighter mailbox. This is a gold version of a giant cup with tropical dial and seconds scale ring. In order to reduce its manufacturing cost, a stable bronze material is used, but it can still show a strong tan effect.
   Bell & Ross designers are very satisfied with the use of this material. ‘An antique gold watch from the 1950s has a very special look, and we believe that the use of stabilized bronze to achieve a similar hue helps strengthen the concept of the entire antique watch. This watch also combines a champagne dial and a tropical brown dial , Seconds scale and bezel, the finished product is very charming. ‘
   The EI Mirage also comes with a dark brown military style strap, which is also the first watchmaking band to use a stabilized bronze pin buckle. Arguably, this is one of Bell & Ross’s best works ever.


BRV294-RR-BR / SCA Chronometer
Limited to 100 pieces
Retail Price: HKD HKD 39,080

Technical specifications
Movement: automatic winding mechanical movement
Mirror: Spherical sapphire crystal with anti-glare coating
Functions: Hour, Minute, Central Second and Date
Water resistance: 100 meters
Case: 41 mm diameter
Strap: Brown calfskin

BRV294-RR-ST / SCA chronograph
Limited to 100 pieces
Retail Price: HKD HKD 35,305

Technical specifications
Movement: automatic winding mechanical movement.
Mirror: Spherical sapphire crystal with anti-glare coating.
Functions: hour, minute, center second and date.
Water resistance: 100 meters
Case: 41 mm diameter
Strap: Brown calfskin
Dial: Stainless steel
Buckle: pin buckle
Dial: Bronze
Buckle: pin buckle