A Unique Look At The Chanel Pavilion At Baselworld 2017

The Chanel Pavilion attracted the exhibitors with its usual black and white hue. The unique elements of Chanel, such as camellia, lion, screen, and Paris Fontaine, were presented one by one. The Chanel Pavilion not only displays the latest timepieces, but also shows the decomposition steps of the watch making process, so that the exhibitors can better feel Chanel’s watchmaking technology and ingenuity. For more exhibition information, please enjoy the pictures posted in front of the Watch House.

   Baselword 2017 will present us with a beautiful and unique visual feast. We look forward to the report group in front of the Watch House to bring us more exciting content. For more details, please click

   Watch House Basel Watches and Jewellery Show Live Feature: