Month: July 2021

Longines Launches New Concas V.H.P. Watches And Unveils First Leg Of Longines Equestrian Masters

Longines chooses to launch a new timepiece Comcast VHP (Very High Precision) watch in France on the first day of the Longines Masters of Paris in France . Swiss watch brand Longines presents its new quartz watch at the Faubourg Saint-Honoré store. This extraordinary timepiece is extremely precise, uses advanced technology, has a dynamic appearance, and is full of the brand’s unique elegance. The high-quality movement provided by the watch provides extremely high accuracy (with an error of only ± 5 seconds per year), and can reset the hands through the GPD (Gear Position Detection) system after impact or magnetic field interference. The VHP series is positioned as a model of extreme precision.

   Swiss watch brand Longines and its partner EEM also seized this opportunity to unveil the third season of the ‘Longines Equestrian Masters’. The first leg of the event began in Paris today. This event gathered the world’s top riders and presented gorgeous top equestrian performances during the four-day fierce competition. In addition, to celebrate the launch of Longines as its title partner and official timekeeper, the 2016 Longines Grand Prix winner Gregory Wathelet was invited to participate on Sunday, December 3, 2017 in Paris Nord Villepinte Parc des Expositions defends its throne at an event held in Paris Nord Villepinte Parc des Expositions. Longines has also invited many guests, including its elegant image ambassador Swiss rider Jane Richard, and Luciana Diniz and Philippe Rozier; all three riders will compete in the ‘Longines Paris Equestrian Masters’.

   In addition to the Longines Grand Prix, Longines with the flying wing hourglass as its logo is also honored to sponsor another event this weekend: the Longines Speed ​​Challenge on Friday night, and Longines Ambassador Lin Zhiling also attended the event. In addition, Longines became the founding partner of the Riders Masters Cup for the first time. This innovative field obstacle course brings together two major equestrian forces from the United States and Europe, competing in unprecedented transatlantic events.


His Time Mido Commander Series ‘remembrance Day’ Watch Evaluation

The Chinese New Year has arrived. Coincidentally, this year’s Valentine’s Day and New Year’s Day are next to each other. So, are you ready to give him a gift? He may not be good at sweet words, but he can move your heart with the most simple actions; he may not be young and much gold, but he has been working for the common happiness of the future; his time is shining for you. In 2018, in order to pay tribute to the 100th anniversary of the founding of the brand, Mido launched the Commander series ‘Remembrance Day’ watch. The unique design makes it a little different. The watch feels as stable as the one who is reassuring.

   The newly launched Mido Commander Series ‘Remembrance Day’ watch is based on the iconic masculine shape of the Commander series and incorporates the brand’s exclusive large calendar function to shape the personality and charm of men. The Commander series is a more formidable series of Mido watches. Since its introduction in 1959, it is a typical representative of practical watches. It was one of Mido’s most important series, and it has played a role in opening up the market for Mido. Important role, today, it is still a watch that fans love very much, masculine and stylish.

   The watch uses a stainless steel case with a satin-finished surface, reflecting the man’s fortitude. The 42 mm case diameter is relatively modest for most Asian men. The narrow bezel allows ample space for the dial, which makes it look very atmospheric. Because of this, the dial’s inner ring can be designed with a bevel to make the dial’s physical sense more intense.

   The bituminous gray dial, treated with sunburst, reflects a charming change in gloss in changing light, which is one of the reasons it looks so delicate. The dial design follows the style when the Commander series was launched in 1959. The three-dimensional metal scale and plate-shaped hands are full of the feeling of the industrial era. The design of the commander series is inspired by the Eiffel Tower in Paris. The steel tower is a reflection of the trend of the times and the bold subversion of architectural art.

Mido Commander Series ‘Remembrance Day’ Watch

   The watch is very suitable for daily wear and is full of sportiness. Classic style watches often use a lot of polishing to reflect its exquisiteness. Polishing means that you need to take care of it, it represents fine quality, and a lot of satin brushed , It is full of pragmatism and sunny men’s movement. The Commander series ‘Remembrance Day’ watch is the latter. It is waterproof to 50 meters to meet the needs of daily distribution. Its simple design makes it easy to match.

   The meticulous case treatment makes it exceptionally charming and cool. It is a unique texture of steel. The recessed crown is a subtle detail of the watch. It will not stick to the back of the hand when worn. For this reason, the case is recessed at the crown to facilitate the operation of the crown.

Stainless steel bracelet

   The watch is equipped with a smooth stainless steel bracelet, which feels very comfortable to use, and with a butterfly buckle, it is easy to operate and can be completed with one hand.

   Looking over the watch, the built-in Mido Caliber 80 long kinetic energy automatic mechanical movement presents itself, the surface of the automatic rotor is decorated with Geneva ripples, and the brand logo. The layered structure reflects the genes of the automatic winding gear train. Different from the previous Caliber 80 movement, the new watch has an exclusive large calendar function. With a specially developed structure, the double-window display of the instant jump calendar is clear and eye-catching.

   Of course, we have also performed professional instrument testing on such a brand-new watch. Although this watch is not certified by the Observatory, it also achieves high travel time accuracy. In static testing, it is satisfactory. , 80 hours of power, do not have to worry about the problem of power, the big calendar adjustment is very convenient, the internal has a jump mechanism, can instantly jump at midnight.

Summary: As a men’s watch, it has some impressive aspects in various aspects, such as a three-dimensional dial, detailed appearance, and a dedicated large calendar, and its price is not higher than the regular The models are higher and the price is really high. The New Year is coming. If you haven’t prepared gifts for him who has been struggling for a year, then please don’t save your wallet and give him a watch. His time will be better with your company.


Langue ‘pour Le Merite’ Small Seconds Watch Introduction

Lange & ldquo; Pour le Merite & rdquo; Sesame chain small seconds watch

Lange & ldquo; Pour le Merite & rdquo; sesame chain small seconds watch
The white enamel enamel plate burnt by the big fire is clear and warm, like a white natural jade, full of classic beauty. Black Roman numerals, small seconds on the track, red Arabic minutes and blue steel hour and minute hands, the dial is simple and elegant. However, no matter how generous, that is, a small second hand watch, how can it rank in the ranks of ‘Sao Sao’?
Please note: This is a watch with a sesame chain drive system! Although there is only a simple time display such as the hour and minute display and the small second hand with stop-second performance, the sesame chain system consisting of 636 parts ‘concentrated’ is made and assembled in such a small movement The difficulty is no less than any advanced sophisticated watch.


Plum Blossom Skywalker Automatic Mechanical Watch

Swiss Plum Watch presents the new products in 2010 in full, and holds the 2010 New Product Appreciation Meeting at specific distribution points. A full range of plum watch models will be displayed at the appreciation site. It is low-key and elegant, suitable for ‘Skywalker’ series automatic mechanical watches; restrained and calm taste, suitable for ‘Skymaster’ series automatic mechanical watches; stylish and stylish you , Suitable for ‘Star of the Century’ series of automatic mechanical watches; watch connoisseurs for you, suitable for ‘Creator Power Reserve Series’ set off a distinguished style.
Skywalker 83909-SY-063 Automatic Watch
Three-hand single calendar / Automatic ETA movement / Water resistance 50 meters / Roman numerals / Hawstones / Diameter 38.5 mm / Sapphire glass, Anti-glare treatment / Pricing: NT27,600
创立 Founded in 1919 in Grinchen, Switzerland, today, the Swiss Titoni watch has been going for almost a century, and it can be said to be one of the long-established watch factories. In its long and glorious background, Titoni is famous for its stable quality of ‘precision, reliable and durable’ and adheres to the belief of ‘mechanical technology’, making it still one of the few independent watch factories in Switzerland.
All automatic mechanical watches produced by TITONI undergo strict quality control. The accessories such as balance wheel devices, clockwork, shock absorbers are individually screened and assembled by professional technicians to ensure that their quality is different from other brands. The core is assembled directly. Behind every watch is the endless persistence and exploration of Swiss watchmaking technology, which is also an important spiritual element that forms the reputation of TITONI’s outstanding brand.
梅 A plum watch factory with experienced and highly skilled craftsmen and advanced equipment, produces high-quality ‘Made in Switzerland’ watches. The refinement of the details, all highlight the unique personality and temperament of different series of plum watches.
Maintaining the beauty of traditional values ​​and pursuing innovation is TITONI’s brand philosophy. Adhering to ‘quality’ is the foundation of everything. It does not dance blindly with the market trend. TITONI has been committed to finding the most popular and practical for more than 90 years A proper balance point, standing on the watch market with classic shapes and stable quality.


Celebrity Watch Festival Celebration Praise Dingge Happiness Moment

The festive atmosphere at the end of the year has arrived. How to choose the right holiday gifts for close family members, close friends, and yourself is also on the agenda. Founded in 1830, Swiss fine watch brand Baume & Mercier has always adhered to the brand concept of ‘condensing precious moments’. Each of the masterpieces embodies the joy and joy of the festival, and is committed to witnessing the moments of joy in life. Freeze every warm and happy moment for you. Whether as a gift, or with a festive new outfit; whether it is a calm men’s watch, or an elegant and refined women’s watch, Baume & Mercier is always the first choice for low-key luxury.

 Crichton Series Two-tone Watch 10139

 Crichton Series Two-tone Watch 10140

New Clifton Collection, Golden Leads Festival Fashion

 Simple and round watches are always favored by Chinese watch enthusiasts. Round watches traditionally introduced by Baume & Mercier are highly regarded for their smooth lines and classic designs. The watchmaker’s family of celebrities introduces the Clayton collection of traditional craftsmanship and modern style, inspired by a museum collection watch from the golden age of the 1950s, inheriting its unique arc-shaped dial and uniquely shaped lugs. Today, two new two-tone watches are introduced, incorporating gorgeous gold into the overall retro look. Whether it is paired with a warm brown crocodile leather strap or intertwined with steel and silver, it shows a classic and modern image. It also provides more highlight choices for urban elites in clothing matching.

Crichton Series Two-tone Watch 10139

 This watch inherits the classic style of the 1950s historical model, with a 41 mm diameter circular dial, a polished & satin-finished two-tone case and gold-plated hands perfectly blend. With a small second hand and date display, this model is only 11.54 mm thick and slim. The case is equipped with a self-winding movement (Sellita SW260-1) with a frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour, which perfectly reflects the superb watchmaking. skill. The movement contains 31 sapphires. The watch is fully wound and provides a 38-hour power reserve. The sapphire crystal case back also allows you to see the structure of the movement. The watch is paired with a brown alligator leather strap, giving the wearer a subtle elegance, and adding warmth and joy to the festival.
Retail Price: RMB 26,760

Crichton Series Two-tone Watch 10140
This watch is equipped with a polished & satin-finished two-tone case with a diameter of 41 mm. The dial is made of sun-satin-finished silver with gold-plated Arabic numerals, engravings and hands. Water-resistant to 50 meters, with long curved lugs for comfortable wearing. Driven by a self-winding mechanical movement (Sellita SW260-1), through the sapphire crystal case back, the movement structure and 31 sapphires are clearly visible. The high-quality materials and the fine craftsmanship contrast each other, perfectly embodying the timelessness of the watch, showing simplicity and elegance. The Clayton series is specially created for the urban elite who are pursuing a successful life. The two-tone bracelet with triple folding safety buckle shows noble and elegant style whether it is dressed in formal clothes or casual casual.
Retail Price: RMB 32,950

Ling Ni series day and night watch

The Baume & Mercier series is both creative and sophisticated. With its smooth lines, it becomes the best interpretation of women’s elegance. Baume & Mercier, who pays close attention to women, has launched two new original watches again this year. These two watches are truly jewellery, pure and delicate, full of femininity. Each watch is limited to 100 pieces, which highlights the wearer’s unique taste and is also a gift for festivals.


Extraordinary Jacques De J031033200 Watch Appreciation

Jacques de Lois is an outstanding representative of the earliest ‘Maverick’ in the Swiss watchmaking industry. Its products are mostly collected by European courts and royal families and are widely praised. And the European court was astounding. Until today, Jacques Dro has been talking about the inheritance of the royal style, and often sees the flying bird, which is auspicious, presented by the watchmaker in various art forms on the dial. Today, this watch also expresses a different feeling due to natural emotions, so use this J031033200 to take you into the ordinary watch.
This Jacques Dro J031033200 is not just a watch, it can also be said to be an exquisite work of art. Its round case has a diameter of 47 mm and is made of 18k rose gold. It exudes a soft golden red gloss. Shows a gorgeous and elegant temperament. And its dial design is eye-catching. The Jacques de Ronaldo brand was born in the Jura Valley region of Switzerland, and this dial presents us a motif of the Jura Valley tits. A pair of tits stand on the Above the delicate nest, watching the little birds waiting to be fed in the nest, the female tit was about to feed the bug in her mouth to her hungry child. Seeing this scene, the eternal sentence of ‘Who talks with carelessness and reports three Chunhui’ in ‘Yu Ziyin’ comes to mind, yeah, isn’t this the greatest affection of time, it’s in our fast pace of life It was gradually ignored, but watchmakers expressed it in this form, which brought us a huge impact emotionally. The background of this picture is the signature Du River Waterfall in the Jura Mountains, the clear river and lush trees, depicting an aesthetic picture of ‘birds in the mountains, the shadow of the lake’. And such a picture appears on the dial surface of the clock, which perfectly reflects the second sentence of ‘Everything is silent, but Yu Zhongyin’. The Swiss watchmaker’s concept perfectly matches the poetry of the Chinese literati. Set off people’s pursuit of nature is beyond the existence of time and space. Seeing this watch, it will introduce you to the scene it depicts, allowing you to enjoy both visual and spiritual enjoyment, which is a masterpiece of watch altar.

 Jacques Dro J031033200 is a watch full of art. It does not have any prominent design in the basic functions of the watch. Instead, its time display consists of only the hour and minute hands, which cannot be accurate to the second, but it is the same. The design makes this watch fresh and refined. And Jacques de Loire’s superb mechanical accomplishment is fully reflected in the three-question function of the watch. At the 9 o’clock position of the case, there is a timekeeping control lever. When we pull the lever, we will hear the hour, minute, and minute. Bells. At the same time, a magical scene will also appear at this time, the egg shell in the bird’s nest will crack, a fledgling emerges, the fledgling is waiting to be fed, and then the female bird feeds it. When all this happens in front of you, you will be amazed by the ingenious skills of Jacques Dro watchmakers. Such a vivid scene is completely completed by the mechanical movement of the movement, and its complexity can be imagined. The three-question function that matches it is one of the most complicated technologies in the field of watches. These two items are put together. , Its difficulty can be imagined.
 This Jacques Dro J031033200 watch is equipped with the RMA88 movement, which is a manual winding movement. Its oscillation frequency is 18,000 times per hour, although this is not less than the industry’s best 28800 times. Gap, but its second hand-less design has such an oscillation frequency that it can be said to have exceeded its needs. This watch’s movement is set with 69 gems, which not only reduces the friction during the movement of the movement, but also makes the movement run more smoothly. This makes the movement look more beautiful. This J031033200 uses a back-through design, which presents the movement of the movement as a good visual enjoyment, plus the embellishment of pink gemstones, making this beauty even more extraordinary. . This watch can also provide a 48-hour power reserve. In fact, the function of this movement is very powerful, but the mechanical operation of the three questions consumes most of the power reserve, so it has only 48 hours. However, the power reserve of such an art boutique is not important.

This J031033200 watch was recently unveiled at the 2013 Baselworld Watch Show, and it shined in the exhibition. It is believed that it will become the object of many watch lovers in the future. Its value is mainly reflected in the artistic atmosphere contained in the exquisite dial pattern and a sustenance for people’s feelings. I believe that after wearing it on your wrist, you will immediately be given an elegant and refined temperament, and become the focus of the crowd in public. In addition, its mechanical operation when the minute repeat function is activated is also a highlight of this watch, which depicts this scene represented by the watch more realistically. It is worth noting that this watch is produced in limited edition of 16 models, 8 of which are 18K gold, and the other 8 are diamond-set versions, which are rare and expensive. The quantity and quality can reflect the high value of this watch. Corresponding to its excellent quality, this watch is expensive, the current market price is 3.8 million yuan, but if you buy this watch is not only a taste of performance, but also a symbol of strength, Jacques Dro J031033200 has something value.
 Watch details: jaquetdroz / 26654 /


Introduction To Panerai Chinese Dragon Year Limited Watch

To celebrate the arrival of China’s 2012 Dragon Year, Panerai has created a limited edition of 50 Luminor Sealand dragon-shaped watches. Exclusively available at Panerai stores.

 The design of the new watch is inspired by the traditional Chinese paper-cut art. It adopts a 44mm stainless steel case with a engraved dragon-shaped cover on the case. The dragon-shaped pattern is produced by labor in 100 hours. Open the cover, you can peek at the off-white dial through the sapphire crystal glass. The dial is decorated with black hour markers and luminous dots. Calendar display windows and small seconds dial are located at 3 and 9 o’clock respectively. Comes with branded leather strap and frosted steel buckle. In terms of power, the watch is equipped with the Panerai OP III automatic movement, which is certified by the Swiss official observatory (C.O.S.C.). 42-hour power reserve. 50 meters waterproof.


Continuous Originality, The Direction Of The Core Grand Opening Of Xi’an Boutique Glory Witnesses The Splendid Appearance Of The Limited-edition Watch With Limited Movement In China

The Glashütte Original Boutique officially landed in the ancient city of Xi’an, injecting original power into the charming capital, and radiating the German watchmaking art style from 1845. On July 16, Glashütte Original held a grand opening ceremony at the SKP mall in Xi’an, heralding the beginning of this extraordinary time journey. In addition, the brand’s new limited-edition watch specially launched for the Chinese market also made a stunning debut at Xi’an SKP, leading everyone to experience the charm of original timepieces full of unique craftsmanship.

Constantly original
   Xi’an SKP boutique is the fifth boutique opened by Glashütte Original in China, and is another important milestone for the brand’s global development. Whether it is the movement pattern decoration on the outer wall of the shop that promotes the original and excellent craftsmanship of Glashütte, or the classic and simple German color and design in the shop, it creates a harmonious atmosphere of pure German precision. The mysterious time and the mystery of the original spirit come to everyone.

Movement Inverted Ten Years of Glory
    With the opening of the boutique, the new limited-edition movement watch for the Chinese market also appeared as the protagonist. Back in the journey, the inverted watch with calibre was launched in 2008. It is equipped with the brand’s self-developed manual winding movement 66, which turns the proud double gooseneck fine-tuning device on the dial. The inherent beauty of the mechanical watch is thus Show off. The movement of a fine watch is complex and meticulous. The overall structure of the movement needs to be redesigned and remodeled with the main plywood, three-quarters plywood and gear train rebuilt. The layout of the panel must also be re-conceived to ensure the harmony of the display proportions while giving the visual focus of the double gooseneck fine-tuning device. The watch with upside-down movement inherits the brand’s original essence. It combines rigorous and exquisite German craftsmanship and original design into the details of the watch. It is a masterpiece of the brand. In the past 10 years, it has been widely recognized by the market and has received rave reviews from collectors.

Ingenuity only for China
    The new limited-edition movement inverted watch released this time inherits the iconic movement inversion process, and condenses the precious expectations of the tenth anniversary in the dial design. The faceplate with three quarters of splint as the background is decorated with traditional watchmaking elements of Glashütte town, and the gold sleeves and blue steel screws are even more dazzling against the column-shaped silver splint. On the other hand, the specially designed sapphire blue scale circle, which surrounds the hour, minute display and small seconds display, is placed on the left side of the surface in accordance with the golden ratio, and the two circles overlap to show a gourd shape. ‘Lu’, harmony is a blessing, wealth is a lu, which contains longing for a bright future. The delicately polished blue-steel pointer at the top right slides past the power reserve display, making it clear at a glance. The double gooseneck trimmer called ‘butterfly’ on the lower right of the dial is inlaid on the hand-carved balance wheel splint, and the balance spring swings regularly underneath. The beauty of movement is present in front of her, indicating that the power is endless and the original is endless.
   This limited edition watch with an inverted movement is specially made for the Chinese market, and the 38-piece limited release plan also contains the brand’s ingenuity and good expectations for the Chinese market: not only because of the 66 on the watch. The diameter of the movement is 38 millimeters, which is also the third and eighth place in the alphabet corresponding to the letters ‘C’ and ‘H’ in ‘CHINA’.

Looking back on history
   The movement inverted watch has the iconic double gooseneck fine-tuning technology, which shows the brand’s persistent pursuit of time accuracy. Tracing back to history, the traditional craftsmanship of Glashütte’s local watchmaking has been using the gooseneck fine-tuning mechanism since 1888. By turning the adjustment screw on the gooseneck spring, the travel time is adjusted. This unusual precision adjustment system became Germany for a time. A major feature of watchmaking. Glashütte’s original goes one step further. In 2002, it adopted the double gooseneck fine-tuning on the 65 movement for the first time. A gooseneck spring was added to the original basis to achieve a more accurate adjustment of the frequency and speed of the balance wheel. . Later, after 6 years of painstaking efforts, Glashütte Original turned the double gooseneck to the dial in 2008, and launched the watch with an inverted movement. In 2018, China’s limited-edition watch with limited movement, carrying 10 years of glory and honor, set sail and paid tribute to the original.

   In order to show the history of the gooseneck fine-tuning mechanism completely and vividly, the brand will prepare a small antique movement exhibition in Beijing APM, Beijing SKP shop and Shanghai Nanjing West Road shop, so that watch enthusiasts can feel Glashütte up close Originality, as the guardian of time, gives the vitality of time and the endless original spirit of the brand.
Exhibition Information:
July 24 to July 28, Beijing APM Boutique
No.138 Wangfujing Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing
July 29 Beijing SKP Boutique
Shop D1004, SKP Mall, No. 87 Jianguo Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing
July 31 to August 5 Shanghai West Nanjing Road Boutique
1049 West Nanjing Road, Shanghai