Baume & Mercier has always witnessed unforgettable moments in life. Academic achievement ranks among them, marking the first achievement in life. As a gift to the newly graduated class, a Chrysmak series watch celebrates the moment of glory. The masterpiece of a watch that looks like an amulet not only symbolizes the beginning of a career, but also marks the world of excellence in fine watchmaking. As a loyal partner of many internationally renowned universities, Baume & Mercier leads the new generation of talents and collects the precious emotions of tomorrow’s leaders.

The Klesmer Series: Recording the fond memories of youth
   For the fine watchmaking celebrities founded in 1830, time is not only the passing of minutes, but also the accumulation of sincere emotions, which is worthy of our simple and elegant celebration. Winning a diploma is like a ceremony of adulthood. It is a precious moment to be remembered in life. I hope to share it with friends and family. The Kleissmer series condenses the unforgettable emotions at this moment and ‘guards the time’ for you. This watch carries precious memories of graduation, timeless alumni friendship, and deep love for alma mater. It is not only a talisman, it is also the lucky thing for the wearer. It is a sincere gift for entering the career and commemorating the verdant years. This series of timepieces is also a precious key to the world of Swiss fine watchmaking. Baume & Mercier watch is elegant and classic without losing its temperament. It is a great choice to congratulate you on your academic success and to show your alma mater’s feelings. The celebrities contain humanistic feelings, and they strongly support tomorrow’s elites to reach their unlimited potential.

Baume & Mercier join hands with internationally renowned universities
   Institutions of higher learning have much in common with the field of fine watchmaking. In 2014, Baume & Mercier collaborated with internationally renowned Swiss universities, including the Zurich School of Economics (HWZ, Haute École de Gestion de Zürich) and the prestigious Lausanne Hotel Management School (EHL, École Hôtelière de Lausanne). The two universities not only host lectures on luxury market and watchmaking, and are also taught by Mr. Alain Zimmermann, CEO of Baume & Mercier. In 2015, the brand also hosted celebrations at the prestigious London Business School in conjunction with the school’s student union, the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (Asia’s number one MBA program) and the American University of Dubai. Mr. Alain Zimmermann will hold two lectures at the most famous Bocconi Business School in Italy, one of which is entitled ‘Leadership Series’ to share his leadership philosophy and challenges he has faced in his career.

   The brand will also collaborate with the University of Bologna, Europe’s oldest university, to host a watch design competition. In 2015, Baume & Mercier continued to cooperate with higher education institutions and further established close ties with universities in the United States, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Gathering time and collecting emotions are the beautiful vision of Baishi.
Baume & Mercier presents outstanding MBA graduates from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
   Baume & Mercier joined hands with Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, a well-known university in Hong Kong, to host the 2015 MBA Outstanding Graduates Reception. At the reception, Baume & Mercier gifted outstanding graduates of the classic Chrysmer series classic watches, and wished them the best in their academic success, along with their bright future. A self-service photo zone is set up at the venue, and graduates can record this wonderful and joyful classic moment with friends and family here.
Share moments of success
   Memorable memories of the college era, including the benefit of higher education, deep friendships of a lifetime, fellowship of mutual assistance and love, youths of tears and tears, precious memories of a lifetime, and a famous person celebrating graduation Watch. These hidden treasures are now transformed into infinite power and a long-term sense of belonging. Baume & Mercier is committed to becoming a watch brand favored by many internationally renowned universities and praising precious university time.