In the recent Spring and Summer 2017 Men’s Wear Week, Jin Dong and Huang Zitao both wore Richard Mille watches, an old cadre with a steady gentleman, and a popular personality with a flamboyant personality. Meat, style, and drama are quite different, but it is certain that they are the same, that is-rich enough. After all, entry-level watches are also priced at 500,000 to 600,000 Richard Mills, a luxury toy for a few people. And curiosity drove me to see what other fans of Richard Mills … In addition to the limited editions that Huang Zitao would often buy himself at Ins, Pan Weibo, Lin Junjie, and star The senior watch fan of the world has also vying for several times to show his true love for top watches.

Huang Zitao Ins Sun Richard Mille Watch
Let’s take a look at which Richard Mills these male stars have bought.

Weibo Pan wears Richard Mille RM 056

   Pan Weibai, who attracted the attention of netizens because of the Richard Mille RM 056 watch that was exposed to about 13 million yuan some time ago, is an absolute watch fan. However, when asked about the watch by the media, Pan Weibo clarified that the watch was borrowed and worn by a friend, not his own. Although this watch is not Pan Weibo’s, he has already bought Richard Mill’s other watches.

Pan Weibo Ins Private Photos

Weibo Pan wears Richard Mill RM 52-01

Weibo Pan wears Richard Mill RM 52-01

Weibo Pan wears Richard Mill RM 52-01

   He usually wears Richard Mille RM 52-01. The golden skull on the dial is the most direct interpretation of cool. As a pop singer-songwriter, Pan Weibo certainly pays for this kind of hard-working watch. This is the highest exposure in his Ins.

Weibo Pan wears Richard Mill RM 055

Weibo Pan wears Richard Mill RM 055

Pan Weibo Ins Private Photos

Weibo Pan wears Richard Mille men’s RM 69Ti watch

   He also launched the RM 69Ti erotic tourbillon watch. Although it is not clear whether Pan Weibo has a girlfriend, but this kind of functional creativity that can express love and interest, for a person who loves watches, the charm and attractiveness are not to be underestimated.
   As long as you understand Lin Junjie’s gossip a little, you should know that he is a real rich child. I remember there was a stalk in the past. When someone asked Lin Junjie what he did at home, he just answered selling a cell phone. According to reports, his father was actually a director of a communications group in Singapore. Even if the family has money, Lin Junjie got into Chadmil, and his long-established income is entirely more than enough.

Lin Junjie Weibo Private Photos

Junjie Lin wears Richard Mille men’s RM 011 watch

Junjie Lin wears Richard Mill Men’s Collection

Lin Junjie often wears Chadmere men’s RM 011 watch in private

   As can be seen from the various photos of JJ, he almost never takes off his watch when going out. Lin Junjie, who loves casual sportswear, probably thinks that the most versatile is the Richard Mille men’s series RM 011. The titanium alloy case is full of mechanical dials, making Lin Junjie, who is close to his neighbour, also looks manly.
   No, as a fan of Richard Mille, Lin Junjie was also invited by the brand to participate in the opening ceremony of the Taipei store in June this year.

Junjie Lin Attends Richard Mill Taipei Store Opening Event

Junjie Lin wears Richard Mille Men’s RM 027 watch

   JJ was wearing Richard Mille RM 027 on the day of the event. An all-black watch made of carbon-containing composite materials, with a printed suit jacket, has a gentle accent.
   When it comes to senior watch fans among young male stars, I have to mention Luhan. After all, in interviews with reporters, people who did not hesitate to choose a two-football table of football for questions about going to the remote island can only bring three things. So why are two watches? Because Luhan said he wanted to change.
   In the end, I guess, one of these two tables must be Richard Mill. Please refer to the figure directly for the reason.

Luhan Concert Photo

Luhan Dai Richard Mill RM 52-01

Luhan Concert Photo

Luhan Dai Richard Mille RM-055 watch

Luhan Daichadmir RM-055 watch with red strap

Luhan Recording

Luhan is wearing a Richard Mille RM 35-01 watch

Luhan assembled Richard Mille watch with velvet west

Luhan wears Richard Mill RM 010 watch

   According to incomplete statistics, there are at least 7 Richard Mill tables in Luhan’s pocket. I don’t know if I should lament the infatuation of this watch fan, or should I lament that he was among the ‘local tyrants’ at a young age …
   Wuli Taotao loves Richard Mille’s high profile. At first, everyone knew his hobby because Tao Tao often drew each of his Richard Mille watches at Ins.
   The subtle thing is to ‘show’ the table while styling it:

Huang Zitao Weibo Private Photo

Huang Zitao Dai Richardson Men’s Collection RM 011

Huang Zitao Dai Richardson Men’s Collection RM 011

Huang Zitao Wears Richard Mill Men’s White Watch
   A little more straightforward is to give a few close-ups of Love Watch, and highlight the number one in the limited edition ~

Huang Zitao’s Richard Mille Men’s RM 11-02 Limited Watch

Huang Zitao enters Chadmere Men’s Collection RM 011

   It can be seen that these male stars are very fanatical about getting into Chadmil. On the one hand, it is related to its expensiveness and scarcity, on the other hand, it also proves that Richard Mille’s design and philosophy have something in common with the attitude and style they seek. If you can choose, of course, choosing ‘Hao’ has personality.