Month: January 2018

Brilliant Iwc Portofino Series Moon Phase Automatic Watch Real Shot

As the annual event in the high-end watch industry, the ‘Horals and Miracles’ Asian High-end Watch Exhibition was grandly opened at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. As a well-known Swiss watch brand at this exhibition, IWC presented us with an exquisite visual feast. During the exhibition, IWC grandly launched its new Portofino series watches, including the lunar phase automatic wristwatch. Table, let’s enjoy it together.
  The Portofino watch series has always been a modest gentleman among the nations, and it is the perfect embodiment of subtle temperament and elegant taste. With its simple and timeless design, it has become one of the best-selling watch series of IWC, which has been unanimously favored by men and women. The Portofino moon phase automatic watch perfectly embodies the eternal elegance and charm of Portofino, a small coastal town in Italy.

Model: IW459001

Model: IW459001
  The case of the IW459001 watch is made of 18K rose gold. The dial is made of flawless, crystal moisturizing mother-of-pearl, which is noble and elegant. The mother-of-pearl dial and radial sunlight decoration also bring a sense of depth and agility to the watch. Available in black and bright white dial colors to choose from, IWC’s new product is fully in line with contemporary aesthetic standards.

Model: IW459004

Model: IW459004
  From the appearance of this watch IW459004, we can see that IWC has adopted an innovative design. For the first time, IWC designers designed the entire moon phase display as a starry night sky. The moon and stars are suspended in the endless sky. In this case, the wearer’s infinite imagination is caused.

 The dial, bezel and lugs of the Portofino series are set with a total of 174 flawless diamonds. The black dial, which is carefully covered with a number of lacquer layers, is as deep as midnight, and it sets off the brilliance of pure diamonds.

  The watch uses a typical pin buckle. The IWC classic LOGO ‘IWC’ is engraved on the outside of the buckle, which symbolizes the brand’s imprint and also demonstrates the exquisiteness of IWC watchmaking and the ingenious intention of the designer. The watch is equipped with a black fine alligator leather strap exclusively ordered by Iton IWC for the famous Italian shoe manufacturer Santoni. The surface of the leather has been polished several times until it presents the ideal hue and perfect luster. The watch adds a stylish touch.

  The bottom case of the watch uses a dense bottom design. Although the internal movement structure of the watch cannot be seen, the exquisite craftsmanship of IWC in many years of watchmaking can be felt from the fine engraving and polishing of the bottom case.
Summary: As a Swiss high-end watchmaking brand in the field of professional watches, IWC combines high precision performance and unique design to create multiple series and styles of wristwatches. With the development of the watch industry, IWC is also constantly innovating. At the watch and clock exhibition, we presented a beautiful visual enjoyment.


Vacheron Constantin’s ‘elegant Aspect • Time Inheritance’ Exhibition

[Geneva, February 8, 2016] Vacheron Constantin’s latest short-term exhibition, ‘Elegant Aspect • Time Inheritance,’ embarked on an inspiring journey. With 57 timepieces from the brand’s collection, showing important developments in aesthetics and technology, it confirms that the brand has always focused on the demanding traveler’s needs and created time measurement tools that meet its aspirations.

Vacheron Constantin’s ‘Elegant Aspect • Time Inheritance’ Exhibition Poster

Astronomical clock

   The exhibition is located on the first floor of the historic building of the Quai de l’ Ile in Geneva. The timepieces on display are selected from more than 1,300 pieces of the Vacheron Constantin Museum. The common feature of these timepieces is that they are not afraid of the restrictions on the journey, and can provide reliable reading time to help the wearer conquer the world. The exhibition begins with François Constantin’s suitcase and the maritime astronomical clock symbolizing the pilot instrument in 1840, revealing the profound travel spirit contained in the core philosophy of the brand.
Hidden time and dual time

1949, Model 4414, World Time

   A ‘wallet’ alarm clock with a handbag, a model with a window and a lighter style: As a loyal travel companion, the timepiece can be hidden from reading to protect it from being damaged by harsh conditions on the way. In the 20th century, the display and mechanical device of the timepiece must meet the needs of the user, and provide multiple indication functions at the same time, such as the two places time, world time function. Luminescent coated numbers and hands ensure easy reading in the dark, especially in the pocket watch of the US Army Corps of Engineers in 1918.
Waterproof and antimagnetic

1913, Imperator pocket watch, waterproof case

   Protecting machinery from magnetic forces, humidity, and dust is a major challenge. In 1885, Vacheron Constantin made the first timepiece resistant to the effects of magnetic fields using palladium, gold and copper parts. In 1895, the brand launched the first ‘sealed’ stainless steel timepiece. In 1933, Vacheron Constantin developed a waterproof and pressure-proof watch with a screw-in case back and bezel, which became the design inspiration of the 222 watch and the Overseas Vertical and Horizontal series. The so-called ‘sports’ timepiece Beginning. In order to meet more needs, Vacheron Constantin introduced the pilot’s timepiece worn on the pilot’s thigh in 1903; in 1939, the brand launched a distinctive Driver watch that allows the wearer to read the time when driving.
Stainless steel

Jubilé 1935 watch with winding crown at 12 o’clock

1977, 222 watch, self-winding

1996, Overseas watch series, automatic winding

   In the late 19th century, the steel industry became increasingly prosperous, and the ‘sports’ timepieces became official. At the beginning of the 20th century, stainless steel, nickel-chrome corrosion-resistant malleable steel and stainless steel appeared successively. From the 1930s to the 1970s, several iconic models with ratcheting bezels and metal bracelets witnessed this stable development, such as the Chronomètre Royal launched in 1975 and the celebration of the 222th anniversary of the brand in 1977. Launch of the 222 watch. And the brand’s classic Overseas Vertical and Horizontal Series is the perfect ending to the exhibition with the new style launched in 2016. The new model is equipped with a series of new movements, designed elegantly and casually, in line with the 21st century travel spirit.
‘Elegant Aspect • Time Inheritance’ Exhibition until April 29, 2016
Address: Vacheron Constantin, Geneva, 7 Quai de l’ Ile, 1204