Zenith’s flagship happy watch combines the most rigorous watchmaking tradition with contemporary bold creativity in an enchanting way. The latest watch, which penetrates the mysteries of timepieces, presents the legendary movement with a happy dial of 36,000 vibrations per hour. Happy design not only lies in the mysterious charm it radiates, but also the curiosity it inspires. What is certain is that the flagship happy watch is a wonderful workmanship, a timepiece with 100% technology and 100% passion. EL PRIMERO flagship happy power reserve watch
The flagship happy watch model is the most fascinating. The design of the happy dial is a big idea of ​​Zenith, to show the perfectly synchronized movement vibration, and the gear structure charm recognized as the ‘best mass-produced movement in the world’ because of its high-quality and reliable timing performance. The mystery is that compared to other movements on the market, this movement vibrates a quarter faster than it does. The frequency of other movements is 8 times per second, while El Primero movement is up to 10 times. The happy dial design is not only exquisite, but also overcomes a major technical problem: to make the adjustment mechanism clear, the happy position is set at 10 o’clock on the edge of the movement.
Great watchmaking tradition
The watch exhibits a great watchmaking tradition: the column wheel timing mechanism; the power reserve display; the rhodium-plated plate; the bridge plate is decorated with perlage and chamfers; the pendulum, the lever and the transmission rod are decorated with lines; The heavy metal oscillating weight is decorated with the ‘Côtes de Genève’ engraving; the star-shaped logo is hollowed out; the speedometer scale on the outer edge of the bezel reminds of the chronograph used in early racing. The details are so exquisite, why not teach people to be amazed.
Beautiful and bold
The avant-garde design of the flagship happy watch model was a great success. Watches are almost the only accessories for men, reflecting identity and individuality. Therefore, when customers choose a product, the appearance of the watch is very important to them. As a watch brand embodying the spirit of high technology, Zenith is designed for connoisseurs who love high-precision watches.
Style selection
The flagship happy watch model has used the characteristics of the past in contemporary styles, and has exquisite craftsmanship with a history of more than 150 years. There are 4 styles for the Happy Watch: stainless steel case with silver sun dial or black dial; 18K rose gold case or rose gold and stainless steel case with silver sun dial. The hour markers, hours, minutes and hands are rhodium faceted and hand-set with diamonds. The central time hand, the 30-minute dial hand and the power reserve hand are blued. The hands on the dial are carefully hand-hemmed. The flagship Happy Watch is the true ‘Classic’ collection of Zenith.