About IWC
  The founder of IWC Schaffhausen is a pioneering American. Since 1868, this Swiss watch factory has been leading the development of watchmaking technology, constantly setting new standards for the extremely complex and precise watchmaking industry. IWC is known as the ‘high-end watch engineer’ and specializes in manufacturing men’s watches. Classic styles combined with clever design, elegant and delicate, extremely easy to operate-this is the famous IWC.
  In the field of professional watchmaking technology, IWC’s original watches include the super complicated watch series, the Da Vinci watch series and the Portuguese watch series. Pilot watches, engineers watches and marine chronographs are traditional timepieces. Each series of watches adopts a sporty / practical design with a stainless steel or titanium case, which is most suitable for daily wear by sports enthusiasts.

  The founder of IWC is an American watchmaker named Florentine Ariosto Jones. In 1868, in order to use Swiss watchmaking technology and local cheap labor and hydropower resources to produce and export watches to meet the competition of many emerging watch companies in the United States, Schiffhausen, a US-based company relocated to northeast Switzerland, established the IWC ( International Watch Company).
  Since then, IWC’s pocket watches have swept the watch market in the late 19th and early 20th centuries: the ‘Jones’ brand pocket watch movement developed in 1868 greatly improved the accuracy and constant temperature of the pocket watch, which helped IWC Brand; ‘GRANDE’ launched in 1890
‘COMPLICATION’ pocket watch, not only won the International Association of Watches and Clocks and the certificate of excellence, it quickly became a collector’s purchase, even the then Pope, the Bulgarian emperor and later British Prime Minister Churchill all have IWC-type watches. At the beginning of the 20th century, IWC’s production and management focus shifted to watches.
  During the First World War, it provided the army with a large number of practical watches with luminous surfaces. During World War II, it successfully introduced antimagnetic watches specially developed for pilots. In the 1970s, IWC developed a compass watch that combined the timing function with a directional compass on the basis of an antimagnetic watch, further facilitating professional users. The later MARK is famous all over the world.

  IWC’s accurate, reliable, and permanent watchmaking culture, after four generations of traditional obedience, has gradually become a classic template for watch manufacturing in Europe and the world, and has won the love of royalty, politicians, popes and leaders. By the beginning of this century, the certification glory awarded by Schaffhausen to the highest craftsmanship symbolized IWC’s supreme quality commitment.
What about IWC watches?
  Comments from netizens: In this age of fashion, IWC has a collection of highly ornamental designs and complex functions, demonstrating superb watchmaking technology, making every luxury IWC watch irresistible charm. As a high-end watch brand, IWC is implicitly elegant, harmonious and generous. It has been welcomed by celebrities, and has won the favor of many watch collectors. . .

  Comments from netizens: IWC belongs to a category of watches and Rolex Jaeger-LeCoultre Cartier Cartier Earl Chopard PIAGET is a world-class watch at the same level, which is really good.

  Comments from netizens: The design and texture of IWC is really cool. It is difficult for girls to buy the right ones.

  Netizen evaluation 4: IWC watch was founded in 1868, and its watchmaking has a history of 130 years. It is a world-renowned Swiss watch brand and an internationally recognized expert in manufacturing precision mechanical cores. Its movements are rare in the world. The Da Vinci collection is IWC’s iconic classic. .

  Netizen evaluation five: IWC is not a top brand among luxury brands, but the watchmaking technology is absolutely first-rate. Personally, I think the reason why IWC is not top-level is that he rarely has flashy things.

What is the price of IWC?
  The price of IWC watches varies according to their styles, colors, and materials. IWC watches have excellent quality. The price of watches is more than 30,000, and the price is more than 1 million. The watch you buy depends on your situation It depends. The reputation in the IWC industry is very good, and global sales are also very good. For more information about IWC quotations, please go to: IWC’s new Spitfire chronograph watch