November 15, 2013 Beijing, originated from Chronoswiss in Munich. The watch factory is located in Lucerne, Switzerland. The brand is famous for its exquisite Swiss watchmaking technology. 2013 is the 30th anniversary of the establishment of Ruibao Watch, and the brand’s first store in Beijing has just opened in the center of Macau. It is a double happiness. To celebrate this rare occasion, Mr. Oliver Ebstein, the CEO of Ruibao Watch, and Dr. Feng Ziliang, the director and chief executive officer of Fuyu Banzhem North Asia, came from Switzerland and Hong Kong, together with Mr. Pan Guocheng, the general manager of Watch Asia Watch City, Beijing. Mr. Liu Jian, General Manager of Qijiang Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., celebrated the 30th anniversary of Ruibao Watch and the opening of the first store in Beijing.

Chronoswiss CEO Oliver and Li Zhiting

On the day of the event, Mr. Li Zhiting, one of the most promising new stars in the Chinese movie and music scene, also came to the celebration as a ribbon cutting guest; meanwhile, Mr. Oliver Ebstein, CEO of Ruibao Watches, presented Mr. Li Zhiting’s ‘Regulateur 30 standard pointer limited watch’ on the spot. Make a commemoration, and visit the new store together to experience the extraordinary craftsmanship of Ruibao watches.

Chronoswiss Beijing’s first boutique

The 30th anniversary of the founding of the Ruibao Watch Factory marked the glorious years of the legendary ‘three-needle and one-line’ of the Swiss watch, and the special launch of the ‘Regulateur 30 standard pointer limited watch’. This year, Oliver Ebstein also presented a gift to watch fans, launching the brand’s first ‘Artist’s Collection’ to pay tribute to the traditional hand-made timepiece craftsmanship. Mr. Ebstein’s trip also brought the ‘craftsman series’, and VIPs were able to enjoy close-up viewing of three models that include several extinct traditional crafts such as machine engraving, hollowing out and enamel; the value of the ‘craftsman series’ is that it is compatible with Technology, and currently only a few artisans have the ability to incorporate this craft into watchmaking.

Chronoswiss toasts at the opening ceremony of Beijing’s first exclusive store

At the ceremony, Mr. Oliver Ebstein, CEO of Ruibao Watch said, ‘It is a great honor to be with many friends today to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the establishment of Ruibao Watch. I am both happy and excited that I can work with you at the event Witness the first exposure of the new ‘Artist’s Collection enamel watch’ in China and share this joy ‘.

Chronoswiss Beijing’s first boutique

Dr. Feng Ziliang, Director and Chief Executive Officer of Fuyu Banzheming North Asia, said: ‘Ruibao watch is a unique brand that is compatible with traditional Swiss watchmaking technology and German pragmatic spirit. We are honored to be able to make Ruibao watch a distinguished brand Bring it to customers in Beijing. Today, the Ruibao watch store can be opened in the Macau Center in Beijing, and it really depends on everyone’s support. ‘

Li Zhiting visits Chronoswiss’s first boutique in Beijing

With its open space and elegant and fashionable concept, the first exclusive store in Beijing by Rui Ruibao Watches uses antique wood with natural light, and the overall simplicity and atmosphere. The exhibition space with the concept of brand display, combined with the in-store showcases and furnishings, feels elegant overall and reflects the brand’s low-key luxury characteristics everywhere.
At the opening of the new Ruibao Watches store, in cooperation with Guanya Watch City, the Ruibao Watch “Thirty Years of Classical Heritage” appreciation meeting was held in the atrium of Guanya Watch City, Beijing Macau Center from November 15th to 29th, 2013. This time, Ruibao watch carefully builds a luxury country different from the others, leading guests through the classical and romantic art space. The traditional watchmaking craftsmanship and contemporary art crystals were displayed at this event. Every guest truly experienced the extraordinary luxury space of the precious watch brand.