Breguet and RaceforWater announced in March that they will continue their partnership. MarcA. Hayek, President of Breguet, and Marco West, Chairman of the Marine Conservation Foundation Mr. MarcoSimeoni witnessed this historic moment together. Breguet will work with the Marine Conservation Foundation to set sail for the goal of plasticizing plastic waste and transforming clean energy.

 On September 28, 2018, Marco Simeoni and his team visited the Breguet watch factory in the Jura Valley, Switzerland. Gunter Pauli, the founder of the BlueEconomy concept and an active supporter of the Marine Conservation Foundation, participated in meetings for Breguet employees as members and actively participated in the development of the foundation and its activities .

 During the visit, Marco Simeoni learned about the manufacturing process of mechanical watches, from metal cutting to high-precision machining of parts, as well as hand decoration, assembly and inspection. When trying to decorate the guilloché dial of one of the Breguet logos, he said: ‘The Breguet watch factory combines high-precision equipment with 200 years of superb skills, which impresses me.