SEIKO Spring Drive Spacewalk is the first watch specially designed and manufactured for use in space. Online game designer and adventurer Richard Garriott is actively involved in this collaboration. He spent 12 days in space on a mission to the International Space Station (ISS) in October 2008. During Richard’s space flight, it performed flawlessly from start to finish. Even under weightless conditions, it does not require any adjustment or winding. In fact, Richard carried four such watches to heaven in his mission, two of which were brought back to Earth, while the other two remained on the International Space Station.
A spacewalk watch used in space and a report on extravehicular activities by Energia

   Two months after Richard returned to Earth on December 23, 2008, Russian astronaut Yuri Lonchakov was outside the International Space Station. Each wristband carried a watch and performed an extravehicular activity on the remaining two watches for 5 hours and 38 minutes (EVA) test. Considering the fact that the watch is worn outside a spacesuit and exposed to intense thermometers, weightlessness, and powerful radiation, this marks a feat.

   After returning to Earth, Japanese engineers carried out a thorough inspection of the watch at the Seiko Epson factory. The analysis report concluded that the original EVA test design manual was simply too detailed and that the watch was fully adapted for future use in space.