As a general idea of ​​’business people’, I believe most people will first have the appearance of a man in their minds: suits and shoes, hurries, luxury cars … If you postpone ten years, Such a definition is not exaggerated, but with the economic development, more and more women have entered the workplace. Although success is not so easy for them, now they have seen women in ‘business people’. , And the proportion is gradually increasing. As a business lady in the workplace, in addition to a dignified professional image, of course, she also needs a status and status symbol. Today, the Breguet classic series of ladies’ gold watches brought to you by the Watch House can meet this kind of people. For your needs, the model is Breguet 8067BA / 52/964.

   Since the establishment of the brand in 1775, Breguet has always pursued a dignified, refined, low-key and minimalist design style, which once existed for the royal family. Its slim case, exquisite engraving technology, clear and elegant figures, and hollow hands all exude a classic and contemporary atmosphere. After more than 200 years of history, today’s Breguet keeps pace with the times and continues to write brand new legendary stories with innovative timepieces.

   This Breguet classic 8067BA / 52/964 ladies watch is entirely made of 18K yellow gold, while following Breguet’s low-key and simple concept, it also shows its luxurious quality. Of course, as a luxury brand, Breguet watches are priced very high, but this does not affect the love of watch lovers.

   The case of this watch is made of 18K yellow gold with a diameter of 30 mm and a thickness of 7.85 mm. The thin case is the first element to attract women watch lovers. The side of the case is Breguet’s famous coin pattern with smooth texture. The top of the round crown is inlaid with a sapphire, and noble elegance is hidden behind the dignified quality.

   The Breguet Classic 8067BA / 52/964 women’s watch strap is also made of 18K yellow gold, which is connected by five small rows of regularly shaped small components. At first glance, it gives a very strong metallic feeling, which is enough to show a success Identity and status of business lady.

   The silver-white natural mother-of-pearl dial has excellent color and texture, and it does not change color. Fine hand-engraved patterns can be seen in the center and on both sides of the time zone. This is also the ingenious concept of this watch. The dial has a built-in roman numeral hour indicator circle, the outer ring is a minute indicator scale, and the Breguet brand nameplate is marked at 12 o’clock.

   The buckle of this watch is also made of 18K yellow gold, which is a typical folding buckle, which is very convenient to use. When the buckle is closed, Breguet’s classic LOGO will be displayed on the wrist. From the perspective of the rear, the combination of the strap and the buckle forms a closed arc, which once again confirms the fine workmanship of Breguet.

   The watch’s mirror is made of sapphire crystal glass, which is transparent and wear-resistant. With the 7.85 mm thick case, the Breguet ladies’ watch is even more prominent. And this design allows this watch to wear its noble and luxurious components due to the thin dial.

   This watch still adopts Breguet’s classic pointer design. In the center of the white natural mother-of-pearl dial, there are two blue end hollow hands and a solid hand. After careful design, it complements the 18K gold dial case.

   The watch is equipped with a Cal.537 / 1 Breguet self-winding movement with a diameter of 20 mm, a power reserve of up to 40 hours, and a frequency of 21,600 vibrations. The quality of this movement is very high, which can provide a powerful power for this watch.

Summary: As a young man working hard in the workplace, owning such a watch made of 18K gold is still a distant dream, but in the face of the luxury and high quality of the Breguet brand, I can’t help but imagine that one day Own it. For those successful business women, this watch can be said to be a very good choice, whether from the brand or workmanship is enough to reflect one’s success and taste. Finally, I would like to report the reference price for this watch. The current market price is about 105,600 yuan, and I hope to provide you with some reference.
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