After a quiet winter, the flamingos once again put on their gorgeous feathers and jumped among the newly awakened grasses. Their warm and light dance steps are like dancing flamenco dancers, performing this year The most vivid spring. The splash of dew dots the joyful picture, making its elegance and femininity more vivid, making people want to dance with it. Today, Tissot incorporates this moving scene into a flamenco diamond watch, allowing you to taste the tenderness and charmingness of early spring at any time between the seconds, all the sunshine and enthusiasm, at this moment blooming from the wrist, shining The upcoming carnival season.

Flamingo’s Prayer
    The English series of the Tissot Flamingo series is called Flamingo, which directly shows that the master of design is inspired by the beautiful flamingos in the tropical rain forest, wearing red feathers, elegant and dignified. The watch’s slender leather strap is like the elegant legs of a flamingo. The simple design of the dial is like the plump green leaves in a tropical rainforest, and the slender strap is like the decoration on the wrist. In 2011, the Tissot watch design master specially launched the Flamingo diamond model, which incorporates women’s favorite diamonds into watch design. With this flamingo, a symbol of beauty and freedom, I wish all female friends sunshine, passion and health .
Tissot Flamenco Diamond
Cheer for women

   The Tissot Flamenco series scattered 28 brilliant diamonds on the mother-of-pearl dial and case, moisturizing like dew drops in the rainforest on green leaves. The arched sapphire crystal glass softens the simple dial, with a shiny black slender patent leather strap. Although it does not use pink flamingo, it highlights the feminine understated femininity and can be used with any clothing. The Tissot Flamenco diamond watch with noble value makes women’s elegant temperament radiate from the wrist all the time, which is the favorite choice of fashionable women.

Tissot fashion ambassador Debica Padotini interprets flamenco diamond models
Technical Parameters:

-Domed scratch-resistant sapphire crystal

-316L stainless steel case

-Water resistant to 30 meters / 3 atmospheres

-28 Westell diamonds

-Mother-of-pearl dial

-Patent leather strap with standard buckle
Suggested retail price: RMB 3,000