Month: April 2014

Celeton Clifton Series 18k Red Gold 1830 Five-minute Timekeeping Pocket Watch

The design of the Baume & Mercier Clifton 1830 pocket watch is inspired by the antique works born in the 19th century of the brand. It is made of 18K red gold material, highlighting the long-established fine watchmaking skills of Baume & Mercier watches. This timepiece is a tribute to Asian culture. It symbolizes outstanding achievements in life and marks the 185th anniversary of Baume & Mercier. The connotation of this pocket watch is by no means a simple timepiece. It will pay tribute to the brand’s long watchmaking tradition with elegance and refinement.

Baume & Mercier watch-the perfect fusion of precious heritage and modern creativity
 Since its founding in 1830, Baume & Mercier has been committed to creating a model that has stood the test of time. Adhering to the founder’s motto ‘Aestheticism, only manufacturing high-quality watches’, the brand draws inspiration from deep traditions, and uses antique timepieces as a model to create the first pocket watches in the Crichton series. Unique ties.
 As an example of Baume & Mercier’s extraordinary watchmaking skills, Clayton’s 1830 pocket watch faithfully reproduces the brand’s rich tradition and superior quality standards. This limited edition of 30 watches pays tribute to the brand’s birth year, 1830. This timepiece will impress watchmakers and enthusiasts alike.

Clifton’s 1830 five-minute timepiece pocket watch
 In the world of fine watchmaking, timepieces, especially minute repeater timepieces, are well-deserved masterpieces of high-level complication. Only talented master watchmakers can produce them. This new pocket watch is undoubtedly a model of precious timepieces, showing the fine watchmaking skills of Baume & Mercier for 185 years. The pocket watch is 50 mm in diameter and can be held in the palm of your hand. The 18K red gold case is polished with satin finish, with a simple shape and exquisite mechanism. The silver-white arc-shaped dial is decorated with Arabic numerals and 18K red gold studs. The hands are also made of red gold, bringing modern elegance to the whole. The exquisite case back is reminiscent of the brand’s 19th century antique pocket watches. The skeletonized movement crafted by the Baume & Mercier design studio is clearly visible under the sapphire crystal case back. The timekeeping mechanism is driven by a sheath key located at 4 o’clock, which sounds once every hour with low bass, and once every five minutes with successive bass and treble. Clifton’s 1830 five-minute timepiece pocket watch not only sounded the clock on time, but also played a unique and melodic melody like an instrument. The creativity of this timepiece is derived from the melodious sound of Stradivari. Like most top timepieces born in the early 20th century, this pocket watch is also equipped with a ‘full switch’ security mechanism: if the button on the right side of the case is not pushed to the bottom, the timekeeping mechanism will not be activated, thereby avoiding incorrect timekeeping.

Sublime and sophisticated movement, highlighting the excellence of fine watchmaking
 Clifton’s 1830 five-minute timepiece pocket watch is equipped with a beautifully-manufactured manual-winding movement that vibrates at 18,000 times (2.5 Hz) per hour and has a power reserve of 46 hours. Baume & Mercier based on a Dubois Dépraz add-on module movement (D73), specially created this skeletonized movement, exquisite and exquisite, showing the aesthetic elements of antique timepieces: the bridge and the splint are specially cut, and the splint is round , The bridge is decorated with Geneva decoration, with blue steel screws. In order to enjoy the pleasant sound and high-quality timekeeping of pocket watches, Baume & Mercier specially equipped customers with an ultra-light resonance disc from JMC Lutherie, which is synthesized by precious spruce and Nomex® / Kevlar® honeycomb structure. The craftsmanship of this base is no different from a real instrument. Limited edition of 30 pieces of Clayton 1830 five-minute timepiece made of 18K red gold, with a black lambskin strap, decorated with 18K red gold buttons and buckles. This pocket watch also comes with a luxurious watch box, which contains a leather storage bag, so you can take care of your precious timepiece at any time.


Glorious Moon When The Glashütte Original Councillor’s Great Calendar Moon Phase Watch

The night is like thick ink, if there is no moon, it is like a dark cloud over the city. When a bright moon is clear, Tianyu is clear and bright as the wind shines against the bright light of the bright moon. When you look up, you can enjoy such a breathtaking view and the heart is clear. In the complicated and complicated watch design, the new Glashütte original watch looks like a breeze. 04-01-02-30), watching a round of silvery moons running on the dial, I am afraid that there is nothing else enough to attract attention.

   The new Parliamentary Grand Calendar Moon Phase Watch combines the date display with the original and classic Glashütte function of the moon phase. The moon phase disk is carefully crafted by the watchmaker with complicated handwork and set against a starry electroplated blue background. The moon curve carefully cut with diamonds is elegant and charming. Glashütte’s original watchmaking can be described with meticulous care, including the new MP MP Calendar Moon Phase Watch which has passed the rigorous inspection of Glashütte’s original certification.

   Glashütte Original Certification is a solemn commitment made by Glashütte Original based on the exquisite and unique watchmaking skills accumulated by the brand for more than 170 years. In 2016, Glashütte’s original MPs with Cal.36 series movements were all Glashütte certified. The newly launched Member’s Grand Calendar Moon Phase Watch, which has been improved after the introduction, adheres to the original quality, stability, long-lasting power and simple style of Glashütte’s original, and combines classic and modernity to show Glashütte. Tie original meticulous watchmaking essence.

   The 40-mm case of this Senator’s Grand Calendar Moon Phase watch is made of stainless steel. Under the comprehensive protection of the sapphire crystal, the laser-engraved black hour-marks, roman numerals and electroplated black are on the silver varnished grain dial. The orbital scale ring is step by step. The sharp contrast between black and white is broken by the blue hands, with the original classic logo of Glashütte at the end of the second hand. At 4:30 on the dial, there is a large calendar display window. The calendar display is composed of two digital dials on the same plane, eliminating the need for a separate bar between the two date digits. In this way, the date display is clearer. This practical function has also become a beautiful decorative element on the dial. At 10:30, there is a moon phase display window. On the dark blue disc representing the sky, the polished silver moon is sometimes curved to perfection.

   The crown of the watch is made of stainless steel, the top of the crown is decorated with a double G logo, and the side is provided with a non-slip texture.

   The watch is equipped with a black Louisiana alligator leather strap that best reflects Glashütte’s original simplicity and elegance. The combination of stainless steel folding clasps creates a more agile look, which is comfortable to wear while releasing the charm of a gentleman.

   The watch is equipped with a caliber 36-04 automatic movement with a power reserve of up to 100 hours. Through the sapphire crystal transparent case back, you can see this movement crafted by Grisutti with original ribbed three-quarter main splint, openwork oscillating weight with 21ct yellow weighted edges, with 4 pieces 14K gold adjustment screws, screw balance, polished blue screws, polished steel parts, etc.

Summary: The moon phase disk, which looks like a crescent moon, is located in the upper left corner of the simple dial. It looks like the moon is bright, the stars accompany the silver moon, and the moon is full of profit and loss. In this reinforced concrete forest, it is hard to see Lang Yuejiao, so look down and enjoy the clear and beautiful ‘Moon’ original by Glashütte.