Month: June 2012

Omega Creates A New Watch To Celebrate The First Anniversary Of The 2020 Tokyo Olympics Countdown

Countdown to the first anniversary of the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games officially! In order to welcome the arrival of this global sports event, Omega has created two limited edition watches for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

 Since 1932, Omega has officially glorified the Olympic Games 28 times. Omega has continuously developed and improved its timing technology in the field of sports events, recording the Olympic dream of countless great athletes in history. The Tokyo Olympics will open on July 24, 2020. This will be the 29th time for Omega to take on the official timing of the Olympic Games and continue to write its legend of Olympic timing.

Seahorse AquaTerra ‘Tokyo 2020’ Limited Edition Watch

 Just like the extraordinary Olympic athletes, whether on land or underwater, the Omega Seahorse AquaTerra watch can show outstanding performance. In the design of the ‘Tokyo 2020’ limited edition watch, Omega introduced the ceramic dial for the AquaTerra watch for the first time. The blue polished ceramic dial is laser-engraved to present the design elements of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics emblem. The 41 mm stainless steel case features a symmetrical design, and the sapphire glass case back is printed with the emblem of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Seahorse AquaTerra ‘Tokyo 2020’ Limited Edition Watch
 This watch is limited to 2,020 pieces and comes with a one-piece blue rubber strap with a stainless steel bracelet inside the case. The watch is equipped with the Omega 8900 Zhenzhen Observatory movement. Its precision and anti-magnetic performance have reached the higher standards of the Swiss watchmaking industry, which also reflects the superb watchmaking technology that Omega has as the official timekeeper of the Olympic Games.

Seahorse Ocean Universe ‘Tokyo 2020’ Limited Edition Watch

 Each host city will bring a unique style and culture to the Olympic sports event, and this time Japan is no exception. In order to welcome the arrival of the Tokyo Olympics, Omega specially created a limited edition watch of the hippocampus Ocean Universe ‘Tokyo 2020’, showing a unique Japanese style.

 The watch has a 39.5 mm stainless steel case and a white ceramic bezel decorated with Omega Liquidmetal ™ diving scales. The number 20 is covered with red liquid ceramic, symbolizing the year of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. The polished white ceramic dial continues the theme of the Tokyo Olympics, and the central chronograph seconds hand ingeniously adopts the shape of ‘lollipop’ and is decorated with bright red lacquer.

 Seahorse Ocean Universe ‘Tokyo 2020’ Limited Edition Watch

 This watch is limited to 2,020 pieces. It is equipped with the Omega 8800 Zhenzhen Observatory movement. The sapphire glass case back is also printed with the emblem of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. The watch comes with a white leather strap with a stainless steel bracelet and a NATO strap.


Chanel Presents The Monsieur Watch, A Watch For Men

Chanel presents the MONSIEUR series, a watch specially made for men. It all starts with an aspiration, a vision, and a design. This watch is unprecedented, unique and born of dreams. Its movement is a unique new creation, created to give it life. Its case is also a masterpiece of innovation, with a mission to carry it. This is how Chanel created immortal masterpieces with infinite desire. A pinnacle created by desire.

 The MONSIEUR DE CHANEL watch is equipped with CALIBRE 1, Chanel’s first self-made high-end watchmaking movement. It is equipped with two functions of instant jump and flyback minute hand, which is extraordinary and restrained and low-key. Choose the dual complication function, with the digital hour display and the extremely simple and quiet case, everything seems self-evident. With this watch, Chanel interprets the unique concept of the resolute beauty of men’s watches.

The CALIBRE1 movement with instantaneous hour-jumping and flyback minute hand is specially designed for MONSIEUR series watches. It is also the first movement designed, developed, stability tested and assembled by Chanel.

This manual-winding mechanical movement is composed of 170 parts and possesses extraordinary complex functions. In a word, these complex functions are not simply modules attached to the main splint, but are perfectly integrated with the main splint. The CALIBRE1 movement contains two complex functions, carrying the greatest respect for heritage, and undoubtedly a masterpiece of contemporary craftsmanship. It has poured into Chanel’s great efforts and took five years of research and development. This dedication to technology and creativity is destined for its glory and nobility.

   CALIBRE 1 movement is like a pioneer, obsessed with exploring the true, pursuing the beauty of purity and refinement. The CALIBRE 1 movement uses a ring-shaped hollow main bridge bridge and is embellished with Chanel’s distinctive design elements in many details. The layered black movement is covered with a diamond carbon film (ADLC), with sub-black and bright black jumping on it, filling it. The delicate decoration highlights the warm curves of the main bridge and the bridge, and the design of many custom parts echoes the octagonal outline of the Fontaine Plaza.

Lion, Chanel chose this most masculine symbol and symbol of strength as the iconic totem of the MONSIEUR watch, decorated on the buckle and crown. The lion is also the hallmark of all Chanel’s own luxury watch movements. The first delicate and complicated function-instantaneous time jump function requires full control of the fine vibration and the energy consumption of the aluminum hour plate movement.

 Fixed hoop tandem barrels provide a power reserve of up to three days for MONSIEUR watches. The second outstanding complication, the 240 ° flyback minute hand on the dial, is a perfect fusion of rigorous aesthetic design and superb technical performance.

 The two-way corrector of the flyback minute hand makes it easy to adjust the watch and confirms Chanel’s outstanding watchmaking concept. This jewel of superb watchmaking skill must be contained in the perfect case. Chanel tailors the new 40 mm round case for the MONSIEUR series. The round design reflects the strong aesthetic vision of the Chanel watch design workshop. There is no ornamentation, just right. Is the ultimate pursuit of simplicity and purity.

 The ivory dial is hidden under the domed sapphire lens, and the mottled light and shadow pulsate. On the dial, the double complication (the instant jump at six o’clock and the eccentrically designed 240 ° flyback minute hand) complement each other, and the specially designed hour display font is also unique. Originality. The simple and quiet dial contrasts with the three-dimensional movement design, which reflects the unremitting creative spirit of Chanel.

   In 2016, Chanel will make 300 CALIBRE1 movements engraved with numbers, which will be loaded on 150 BEIGE (beige) gold and 150 white gold MOUNSIEUR watches. Through the MONSIEUR watch, Chanel has demonstrated the unique design concept of men’s timepieces, condenses the exquisite watchmaking craftsmanship, and also shows its unique style charm.


Omega Launches “Environmental Protection, Start From Now” Environmental Protection Action In Indonesia

OMEGA is proud to announce its participation in the ‘Protect the Earth, from now on’ action, and launch two environmental protection projects in Tanakak Island and Bahoi, Indonesia. Omega works with directors Yann Arthus-Bertrand and the GoodPlanet Foundation to take active action to protect marine and underwater ecosystems, and to fund two three-year environmental projects, By educating local communities, managing the area’s natural heritage, and establishing marine protected areas, it helps the local population living on the sea to the greatest extent.

 In 2012, Omega participated in the production of the award-winning documentary Ocean Universe. This 90-minute documentary was co-directed by Ya’an Arthurs-Bertrand and Michael Pito, and it premiered globally at the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (‘Rio + 20’ Earth Summit). Since then, Omega has held screenings around the world, including special screenings at the United Nations headquarters in New York. In addition, Omega is also holding ‘Marine Universe’ photo exhibitions in four major cities to share the beauty of the ocean and its threats with more audiences, and popularize rescue measures within its reach.

Today, Omega has begun to take active actions to further promote its environmental protection cause.
 ‘When Omega asked how they could participate in the Indonesian project, the Beautiful Planet Foundation and I were very excited because it meant that our project could be promoted and all plans could be put into practice.’ Thurse Bertrand said of Omega’s involvement in the ‘Guard the Earth, from now on’ project.

 Omega Global President Stephen Urquhart said the project was critical and said: ‘Omega is proud to be able to contribute to these extraordinary projects. The ocean is the source of all life on Earth. By funding the film Ocean Universe, we hope to encourage everyone to do their part to protect the health of the ocean. ‘

Tanakak i.
 The marine protection project on Tanakak Island, Indonesia aims to disseminate scientific knowledge and educate local residents, including the younger generation, how to protect natural resources. After an aquaculture boom in the 1990s, 70% of mangroves on Tanakak Island were damaged, which greatly reduced local biodiversity. The Omega and Planet Planet Foundation aims to rebuild the ecosystem through community involvement and guide local communities in the autonomous and sustainable management of the island and coastal areas.

 The three-year marine protection project in Indonesia’s Bahá’í area focuses on respect for biodiversity and encourages the protection of coastal village ecosystems through the establishment of a network of marine protected areas, which will eventually be managed by local communities. The project is located in the northern part of Sulawesi and aims to develop ecotourism and raise local residents’ awareness of protecting natural resources and building sustainable lifestyles.

Omega and the Beautiful Planet Foundation
 In 2011, Omega cooperated with the Planet of Fine Arts and its founder Ya’an Arthurs-Bertrand. The two sides go hand in hand to help the public raise awareness of environmental protection, encourage sustainable development, and actively advocate that protecting the health of the planet is a shared responsibility of everyone on the planet.

Seahorse Ocean Universe Good Planet GMT Watch
 Omega launched the Seahorse series Ocean Universe Good Planet GMT watch, enabling the ‘protection of the earth, from now on’ action. Omega pledged to donate a portion of the proceeds from the sale of the watch to fund public welfare projects in Indonesia. The watch uses a striking blue lacquered dial. The bright orange GMT scale on the bezel and the GMT central hand on the dial can clearly indicate two different time zones. For frequent travelers and love to enjoy the beautiful views of the ocean, lakes and rivers up close For people, it is the ideal choice. This model is equipped with an Omega 8605 coaxial movement.