As we all know, Patek Philippe held the ‘Precious Handicraft Exhibition’ at its Geneva salon on the evening of May 29 this year, exhibiting enamel, gold carving, wood chip inlaying and other handicraft works, and officially released Ref.6002G Xingyue Tourbillon watch to replace the discontinued contemporary Patek Philippe watch Ref.5002. This is also the most complicated watch ever, and it can be said to be the new generation of watch kings.

 Next, the editor will bring you an exclusive 6002G hands-on photo, which is currently the only set of 6002G hands-on photos.

 Patek Philippe has been in existence for 174 years, and has always been known for its exquisite craftsmanship in the field of complex function timepieces. Its most outstanding representative is Caliber 89, launched in 1989. With 33 complex functions, it has become the world’s most complicated portable mechanical timepiece in one fell swoop, and still holds this unprecedented record. The Ref. 5002 Sky Moon Tourbillon is Patek Philippe’s most complicated watch, with a total of 12 complex functions displayed on 2 dials. Nowadays, the birth of Ref. 6002 astronomical tourbillon is the successor to it, and it redefines the concept of super complicated functions-only the industry’s top watchmaking craftsmanship and artistic innovation can create such cases and dials.

 Ref. 6002 is basically the same as its predecessor. It has a dual-reed church bell minute repeater and tourbillon; the front dial shows the standard time, equipped with a perpetual calendar and automatic return date display, and a moon phase display. The back dial is used to display the astronomical function: it can display the northern hemisphere night sky, star time, moon track and moon phases. Unlike Ref. 5002, it can display the phases of the moon instead of the age of the month, and uses a window-type week, month and leap year display instead of the pointer.

 The front dial of Ref. 6002 is a work of art in itself. Its narrow surface blends the exquisite skills of many masters of carving and inlay technology, the most notable of which is the infill enamel and silk enamel technology.

 Most of the silver embossed structure on the dial is embedded with blue enamel, while the Roman numerals are marked with gold three-dimensional blocks. Other dial components, such as the blocks and hour markers of the auto-return calendar scale, PATEK PHILIPPE GENEVE and TOURBILLON, the movement number and the beautiful stars are painted bright gray.

 The back of the Ref. 6002 astronomical tourbillon watch presents an extraordinary sight. The night sky in the northern hemisphere rotates under the sapphire crystal, describing the movement of the stars and the moon, the meridian passing through Sirius and the moon, and the moon phase profit and loss. In addition, the two hands in the center display the star time on a 24-hour scale. The oval ring outlines part of the northern hemisphere night sky as seen at a certain location. These outstanding features are controlled by a unique patented mechanical module. Patek Philippe uses this astronomical mechanism to make astronomical descriptions of the sky and the sky. Its accuracy is incredible.