Piaget adheres to the brand’s tradition of pursuing the ultimate, launching a new global advertising project with the theme of ‘extreme life’, and invites audiences to travel to many great cities around the world to experience the beauty of magnificent jewelry and watches. Piaget has created a variety of rare materials with superb technology, launched a number of innovative precision watches that set a world record, and combined ingenious design with boundless creativity and elegant tradition. The advertising design company BETCLuxe, who conceived the plan, also focused on this and showed the world the professional craftsmanship and the pursuit of the ultimate spirit of Piaget, a luxury jewelry watch brand.

‘Extreme life’ not only represents Piaget’s enthusiasm for creating extreme products with technology and aesthetics for many years, it is also a promise: Let life exceed expectations everywhere, and let the most discerning extremeists show their faces. In the advertisements, the world’s most shining cities appear one by one, and each place reflects the true meaning of life, becoming the best stage for Piaget’s various precious jewelry watches. Piaget’s jewellery and watches slowly shine in the deep night sky, illuminating the skyline of each great city, and various delicate hand-crafted details and precious gems shine brightly.

Philippe Leopold-Metzger, Earl of PIAGET, said: ‘The new advertising plan of Earl of PIAGET is the result of our in-depth consideration of the face of the brand. We return to the root of the brand, analyze its distinctive and rich personality, and use a new and innovative approach Explain the elegant attitude of life that Piaget represents. The slogan ‘Extreme Life’ expresses our brand characteristics and strives for the ultimate tradition. Piaget uses orthodox craftsmanship, creative ideas, superior quality and extensive and superb expertise , Committed to turning ideals into reality. ‘

Count Piaget has created many memorable advertisements over the years, and many of them have the theme of intoxicating night sky. This time, the night sky once again became the countless sky of Piaget, shining brightly on various watches and jewelry. Piaget Piaget has been actively shaping the ultimate jewellery watch since its establishment in 1874. It has implemented the brand’s traditional motto: “Always do better than required”. The endless blue sky just reflects the brand’s never-ending journey and continues to expand the art of watchmaking Extreme, far-reaching, has repeatedly set a record for ultra-thin watches, bringing outstanding design and dazzling magnificent jewelry.

The deep and mysterious night sky evokes endless reveries, and sprinkles the world’s fascinating magic of the earl to the world; the blue clear sky makes people feel refreshed and praises the extreme side of life. ‘Extreme Life’ bears witness to the concise and sloppy promise of Count Piaget: to turn ideal life into reality. Piaget Piaget-the ideal brand to stop in reality.

The ultimate diamond watch with the ultimate city

The most valuable experience in life often involves a unique place, and the magnificent clothing and precious jewelry watches worn at such an unforgettable moment. The planning photographer captures the elegant and gorgeous appearance of each selected city with exquisite methods, echoing the gorgeous and cheerful life style of Piaget. Count Piaget traveled from Geneva to Paris, across the Cote d’Azur, and across Los Angeles. Each city along the way is filled with gorgeous styles and leads the world’s fashion, which is the same as the style that Piaget has represented since its establishment in the 1960s. . The plan is to frame the magnificent picture, bringing surprises and inspirations to the taste audience who loves Piaget’s superb watchmaking technology and exquisite jewelry design.

The photo was taken by world-renowned photographer Maud Rémy-Lonvis. The hard shots of his advertisements show a simple and elegant temperament, rigorous composition and calculation, superb technology, and a global reputation. Under her lens, every detail adds a magnificent light to the protagonist in the photo, revealing the superb craftsmanship of Piaget men’s and women’s watches and jewelry. The world’s thinnest watch Altiplano stands high on the skyline of Manhattan, New York. The LimelightGala white gold diamond watch shines on the hills of Hollywood. The RosePassion necklace shines brilliant light on Lake Como in Italy. The SolitairePassion ring is in Paris Eiffel. The Il Tower illuminates the romantic Huadu.

Share your ‘Extreme Life’

The indispensable part of the ultimate life is naturally the ultimate product, the ultimate partner, and the ultimate place. This theme is not only an advertising project, but also Piaget’s 360-degree comprehensive brand concept. Later, Piaget will cooperate with major social platforms to launch comprehensive promotion activities.

Earl PIAGET invites all customers to take the spectacular skyline photos of the great cities in the advertisement as inspiration, take the same wonderful photos of the city they are in, and upload them to Instagram. The event set sail on August 25, 2014. The uploaded photos just need to be marked with #Piaget and #PerfectionInLife, and they will automatically become candidates for the competition. The selected jury of Earl PIAGET will select the best five frames from the 50 most popular photos, and display them in the Earl Globe specialty store.

Creative team introduction

Established in 2005, BETCLuxe is a subsidiary of France’s leading advertising company BETC, conceived a unique promotional plan for contemporary global luxury brands, and issued thought-provoking and inspiring brand information. BETCLuxe, headed by ClausLindorff, is now among the top luxury product advertising companies in Paris, serving as a creative advertising think tank for a number of globally renowned luxury brands.

Born in 1998, Maud Rémy-Lonvis is a world-renowned advertising photographer and has worked closely with the luxury product industry. Rémy-Lonvis graduated from Ecoledes Gobelins, a well-known school of graphic arts. He is fascinated by the lens to accurately capture the most beautiful side of the world. The photos are known for their elegance and simplicity.