Month: November 2011

Audemars Piguet Designs Exclusive Countdown Clock For The 68th Tony Awards

On April 29th, the American Theatre Association announced the nomination list for the 68th Tony Awards in New York. The well-known Swiss watch brand Audemars Piguet prepared for this historic competition in New York on April 30th. A special countdown clock.

 This big clock designed for countdown is Audemars Piguet’s classic series-Royal Oak. The Tony Award (also translated as the Tony Award) is the highest honor in the theater industry in the United States, including plays and musicals. The American Theatre Federation established the award in 1946 and is now hosted by the American Theatre Alliance and the Broadway Alliance. The Tony Awards, the Academy Awards for Film, the Emmys for Television, and the Grammy for Music are also known as the Four American Art Awards.

 The Tony Award is named after the well-known actress and director Andrenet Perry (name: full name: Antoinette Perry Award), which awards 19 awards each year. Since the 51st awards ceremony in 1997, most of the awards ceremonies have been held at the Radio City Music Hall in New York. The awards ceremony is held every June and is broadcast on CBS.

  From this year’s awards list, we can see that the musical ‘The Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder’ is leading the way, receiving 10 nominations including Best Musical, Best Director and Best Actor.

 Audra McDonald “ Lady Day ”

 Bryan Cranston, All The Way

 Cherry Jones, The Glass Menagerie

 Chris O’Dowd, Of Mice & Men

 Idina Menzel, “ If Then ”

 James Monroe Iglehart, Aladdin

 Kelli O’Hara, The Bridges of Madison County

 Stephen Hoggett & Kelly Devine, Rocky

   Chinese American actress Liu Yuling and actor Jonathan Grove announced the nominations for all 20 awards. The nomination list is determined by more than 30 independent theatre professionals appointed by the Tony Awards jury, and about 870 theatre professionals will vote for the final winner.


Breguet Classiquehoramundi World Time Watch

Classique Hora Mundi 5717 watch

 Among all Breguet’s watch series, the Classiques is the standard series that best reflects the brand’s traditional values ​​and superb watchmaking skills. This series is a perfect heritage of Breguet’s more than 200 years of history. Notable features influence the history of fine watchmaking. Breguet’s new Classique Hora Mundi 5717 watch at the Baselworld 2011 showcases the essence of the collection. This watch is made of precious materials: 18K rose gold or 950 platinum. Choose from 3 dials: North and South America, Eurasia or Asia and Oceania-the sub-meters represent one side of the world. There are 6 models. The Breguet team designed, developed and perfected this complex watch over three years. This is the first mechanical watch with an instant jump time zone display. This feature makes it easy for travelers to read the time in two pre-selected time zones, and with the press of a button, they can instantly switch from one time zone to another without disturbing the time. The stop-second system can ensure that the time is accurately moved during the setting process. Changing the time zone will not affect the time, and it also synchronizes the date and day / night indication through the ‘tracking’ calendar system.

 The new Hora Mundi 5717 watch, with its sophisticated finishes, such as the translucent lacquered dial, is about to become a favorite of travelers looking for a beautiful look. This is a watch that inherits its legitimacy from the brand’s history. Indeed, in the life of founder Abraham-Louis Breguet, he could not have imagined that his passion and watchmaking talent had spread so widely through Breguet watches around the world. When he founded the brand at Quai de l’Horloge in Paris, he initially sold his work only in France. However, long before the French Revolution, Abraham-Louis Breguet realized that he wanted to ensure that his work could be appreciated by people in other countries across national borders. During Napoleon I and for a period of time later, he devoted himself fully to establishing an international sales network. To achieve this goal, he came up with a very personal strategy, namely to promote the market through some enlightened friends and professional sales staff. While Breguet timepieces were enthusiastically loved in Britain, Spain, and Russia, they were also sought after in Poland, German states and principalities, the Italian peninsula, Turkey, and even as far as the United States.

 To commemorate the founder’s extensive travel footprint, Breguet launched the first Hora Mundi watch in 1996 as part of the Marine product line. The 2011 model has different features. In addition to the central hour, minute and second hands, the watch uses a drag-type dial to achieve a completely original date display.

 The display is located in the window at 12 o’clock on the dial. The window is sufficient to display three consecutive dates at the same time. For example, on the 25th day of a month, the number 25 will be swiped through the date display window from left to right within 24 hours. Gradually, the number 23 originally displayed on the right disappeared, then 24, and the number 26 appeared from the left, followed by 27. But to avoid confusion when reading the date, Breguet’s artisans have made further improvements. They added a miniature retrograde pointer to the dragging calendar system, hidden under the dial and with a small ring at the terminal. When the date of the day appears from the left side of the window, the ring will frame the date and move with the date throughout the day, until the date of the day disappears from the right side of the date window. At night, this ring-shaped pointer will jump back to the left of the window, indicating that the new date has just begun. This unique drag-and-drop calendar display design is designed to make reading calendars more convenient.

 However, the most representative innovation of this watch is its instant jump time zone display system, which can simultaneously display the date, day / night and city indication, which is undoubtedly the world’s first for a mechanical watch. This feature can support the wearer to pre-select two cities in the 24 time zone cities list that need to display the local time. The wearer can trigger the instant jump by pressing the crown / button at the 8 o’clock position, and instantly switch between the two time zones. For example, suppose the current time is 4 PM on the 25th of this month, Paris time. Rotate the crown / button combination to display ‘Paris’ in the 6 o’clock position window, then adjust the crown at 3 o’clock to set the hands to 4 o’clock and the date to 25th. Please note the day / night indication at this time The device appears as a graphic of the sun. In order to quickly read the local time in Sydney at this time, first turn the crown / button combination to display the Australian city name in the window at 6 o’clock; then the watch will automatically set to Sydney time. Since the time difference between the two places is 9 hours, the hour hand will move forward by 9 hours. At the same time the date will also switch to the 26th, and the day / night indicator will also display the moon graphic. When Paris time is 4pm, Sydney local time is actually 1am the next day. Once the watch is preset, the instant jump time zone display system will synchronize all indications-time, date and day / night display-the wearer only needs to press the crown / button to switch between Paris time and Sydney time Switch back and forth. This complicated craft is very useful for travelers who frequent their trips or who need to connect with friends who are far away, which can make them sure that they will not make them noisy in the middle of the night when they contact people in other time zones. wake.

 The new Hora Mundi watch is equipped with a 5717 self-winding mechanical movement based on the Calibre 777 with a silicon escapement. On this basis, additional functional modules can be added. Four patents have been applied to the form during the design process. The first item contains two time zone devices for this table, the second item displays the time zone on demand through the main pointer, and the third item has a mechanical memory wheel with an internal time zone for this table; the last item is a mechanism for displaying the calendar by dragging the pointer .

 In terms of precision finishing and case finishing, this watch has a diameter of 44 mm and a thickness of 13.55 mm, completely following the tradition of Breguet. The case is made of 18K yellow gold or 950 platinum and is water-resistant to 30 meters. This watch has a sapphire case back and some complex designs, such as a thin round bezel, a coin-shaped front side with welded lugs. The display system uses the famous Breguet hands, which can be identified from the ‘eccentric moon phase tip’ everywhere, which rotates around the highly complex pure gold dial. The dial is surrounded by a ring with Roman numerals, silver-plated and satin-finished, the edges are hand-engraved (rose engine), and the rose gold hour scale-or the case material is consistently platinum. The center of the dial is painted with an earth pattern, and the sea waves are created by inscription and hand-engraving. The marine part is treated with multiple layers of lacquer, while the continental part is polished. On the day / night indicator, the sky is made of lapis lazuli containing pyrite, which looks like tiny gold spots to represent stars. The sun and moon are made of pure gold: the sun is made of gold, while the moon is made of rhodium-plated gold. The cover used to express the cloud and engraved with the Breguet name and serial number is also made of silver-plated 18K yellow gold and is carved by hand.

 With the introduction of this Classique Hora Mundi 5717, Breguet, as the first mechanical watch with instant jump time zone display, synchronized date memory, day / night and city indication functions, once again successfully challenged for outstanding quality and innovation.


 Case: Round, cast in 18k rose gold, with delicate coin patterns on the side of the case. The case back is carved by hand with an engraving machine and matched with sapphire glass. Round ears are welded to the case and reinforced with bolt pins. At 3 o’clock the crown is bolted. The 8 o’clock position is a push-button crown. Water-resistant to 3 bar (30 meters).

 Dial: 18k yellow gold engraved with the American Continental motif, engraved by hand with an engraving machine and waved, and covered with translucent lacquer. Day / night indication on 18k yellow gold with silver plating and hand engraving. With independent number and Breguet signature. Dial with Roman numerals. 6 o’clock is the city display. 12 o’clock is the calendar window. Breguet blued-steel hands with needle-pointed strands.

 Movement: self-winding, with an independent number and a Breguet signature. Instant time zone jump with synchronized date, day / night and city indications. It has 43 jewel bearings, a 55-hour power reserve, and an 18K gold rotor.

 Strap: Alligator leather strap.

 This model can also be equipped with European and Asian dials. The Asian, American and European models are made of 950 platinum. You can write to us for reference.