Month: August 2011

Yu Mingming Wears Gp Girard Perregaux Constant Power Escapement L.M. Watch To Attend The 24th Shanghai Tv Festival White Magnolia Award

June 15, 2018, Shanghai-Yu Minming wore a GP Girard Perregaux constant power escapement L.M. watch to attend the 24th Shanghai TV Festival Magnolia Awards award ceremony. Yu Mingming was nominated for the Best Supporting Actor in ‘The 24th Shanghai TV Festival Magnolia Award’ with the corner of Du Mingli in ‘The Flower and the Moon in the Year’. Yu Mingming, who has always dreamed of challenging complex roles, played the role of Du Mingli in the play. Relying on the accumulation of superb acting skills for many years, he completely put aside the shackles, reshaped the role, and also completed a perfect leap to the acting school. Just like the Girard-Perregaux constant-power escapement L.M. watch that he wore this time, with the epoch-making technology, it has opened up a field of technology that has never been involved in watchmaking, and wrote an important chapter in the research on the stability of escapement systems.

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Yu Minming wore GP Girard Perregaux constant power escapement L.M. watch to attend the 24th Shanghai TV Festival Magnolia Award


Weaving Fantasy Legend Interview With Earl Designer Sylvie Deschamps

Normal 0 7.8 points 0 false false false EN-US EN-US X-NONE During the 2014 SIHH tour of the Watch House, the editor was very I am honored to have the opportunity to have an exclusive conversation with many veterans of many brands. Today I will bring you the Sylvie DESCHAMPS, the master of weaving magic of embroidered watches launched by Piaget this year. The embroidery master Sylvie DESCHAMPS injects magical magic into each precious fabric through a stitch and a thread. This collaboration with Piaget uses embroidery elements and silk threads as the surface of the plate. It can be said that Piaget’s unprecedented innovation. About the inspiration of the designer and the Please follow the article to understand the story.

 Watch House: Is there any difference or similarity between this embroidery tried by Piaget and traditional Chinese embroidery?

Sylvie DESCHAMPS: This silk thread is different from the traditional Chinese thread. Piaget uses a whole thread formed by winding many threads together, so this will make the watch more time-tested and even washable. In summary, the effect presented by this watch is also different from that of Chinese silk embroidery.

Watch House: There are two such watches launched this time. Are there any differences between them?

Sylvie DESCHAMPS: Actually, on the surface, they just have different background colors, one is black and the other is white. But in fact, the difficulty of black is higher, because the color embroidered on it is not very conspicuous when white is the base color, but if it is black, then it is completely different, so every step must be very careful, this It also adds a lot of difficulty.

Watch House: Will the dial of this new material have a shorter life than the traditional dial?

Sylvie DESCHAMPS: As mentioned before, why choose a specific silk thread, just to keep the dial in its original state for a long time. Every watchmaker is conscientiously making watches in accordance with the concept of a timeless watch, so the materials and craftsmanship that Piaget chooses are also designed to maintain the original beauty of the watch for more than 100 years.

Watch House: For more than 100 years, this watch may not have material problems, but will the color fade?

Sylvie DESCHAMPS: In fact, the material of silk thread itself will gradually fade over time. This physical phenomenon cannot be reversed. However, in order to better protect the intactness of the surface, the brand has also done a lot of work. Everyone knows that the fabric will fade in the sun, so Piaget has added a layer of UV-resistant material to the watch glass to protect it. To watch to make it more durable.

Home of Watches: So where did you say that watches can hold more than 100 years?

Sylvie DESCHAMPS: This data is calculated based on the durability of the cloth of the usual clothes. In addition, we all know that the dial in the watch basically does not touch with other objects, and the inside of the case is a vacuum environment. So from regular cloth It is inferred that the most conservative estimate of this watch is that it can be maintained for more than 100 years.

Watch House: How long did it take you to make this watch?

Sylvie DESCHAMPS: Basically it takes 40 hours to complete the embroidery on the panel. Of course, this time is based on the premise that all preparations have been completed. Of course, if you start from the beginning, including how the designer understands the picture to the overall feeling Design to the right choice of materials, so a series of preparations will take longer.

Watch House: In addition to the material used in the watch, has it been used in other places before?

Sylvie DESCHAMPS: This kind of silk thread will not be applied to ordinary clothing. It is most often seen on the clothing of religious personnel. In addition, some professional silk embroidery pictures will also use this silk material. As a very precious material, it will not be seen often in everyday life.

 Although the time of this conversation with Sylvie DESCHAMPS is a bit rushed, we can still feel her excellence in art from her words. The French master of art has become the leader and defender of this lost technique. I believe that in this only After the official launch of the watch of subversive material, it will definitely become a landmark work in the watch industry.